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Guides GxP Framework Service: Intuitive learning boosts control and quality

Dynamics 365 Guides used with HoloLens glasses allow employees to follow instructions step-by-step, either replacing or supplementing written instructions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The benefits include better quality, knowledge-sharing, data-driven optimization, plus enhanced control and safety.

Control, safety, and governance are three key focus areas in any life sciences and manufacturing business. We’re talking regulated industries with GxP requirements that should be able to document all workflows, including for auditing.

Many of these businesses are also always on the lookout for new tools and technologies able to boost their competitiveness, and generally improve their workflows, and on the most secure, well-documented basis.

The Guides application from Microsoft Dynamics 365 frees personnel from having to read through thousands of close-written pages of instructions and SOPs. They can now follow intuitive step-by-step instructions instead, using HoloLens glasses and ground-breaking Mixed Reality technology, whilst keeping their hands free for work.

From complex workflows to intuitive actions

Imagine you are faced with a change in workflow. By writing down the change in digital format via the Guides application, you ensure that everyone will do the job in the same way – every single time.

It’s no longer up to the individual to read, assess, and interpret how the instruction has to be followed, and existing instructions and SOPs can be used merely as supplementary help and/or backup.

What Dynamics 365 Guides gives you:

1) Intuitive learning: Step-by-step instructions in writing, with graphics, videos, and holograms. All the various learning input is easy to follow and helps the reader break down complex workflows into intuitive actions.

2) Standardized skills: Guides standardizes the skills of your personnel, boosting safety and creating consistency across workflows.

3) Greater confidence: Images, videos, and holograms help people remember what they’re learning while doing it. That boosts confidence amongst employees with regard to what they are doing, as the instructions they receive confirm they’re doing the job correctly before moving on to the next step.

4) Optimized workflows: Guides saves all the data from all the instructions, making it possible to gain insight and boost quality. If, for example, the majority of your employees spend longer than expected on a given step in an instruction, you can analyze in detail what the problem is, and identify potential improvement.

GxP is short for “Good [x] Practice”, where the X is variable depending on the situation. Examples include production, documentation, safety, storage, distribution, etc. GxP is a set of guidelines and rules designed to ensure that products within the life sciences and manufacturing industry fulfil a number of predetermined quality and safety criteria and legal requirements.

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A proven framework

NNIT’s Dynamics 365 Guides GxP Framework Service means we can not only help you start using Mixed Reality technology; we can also offer a package solution involving all key stakeholders and ensuring that the solution rests on a stable foundation in your organization.

Our framework consists of five steps that can be customized, based on individual requirements and wishes:

1) Analysis: We’ll start the process with an analysis phase to identify all the requirements, agreements, and specifications.

2) Scoping: We’ll determine the requirements and devise a detailed plan.

3) Framework setup: We’ll set up a customized framework based on your requirements, either your organization or ours, whereupon we prepare for your testing of Proof of Concept.

4) POC and Pilot Project: We’ll devise a PoC (Proof of Concept) and a pilot project designed to help us test, learn, and optimize the solution and its various functionalities.

5) Validation and launch: We then validate the solution and assess development and scaling options, after which we’re ready for launch.

Since 2018, the Mixed Reality team has delivered over 50 projects with a main focus on the Life Sciences industry’s strict GxP requirements. That means our team of experts is used to handling the problems and questions you encounter every single day.

Control over your digital foundation?

Before we launch our Dynamics 365 Guides GxP Framework Service, we recommend that you have the following three elements in place so that your digital foundation is geared to handle the new solution:

Mixed Reality (MR) is a combination of virtual and physical objects that coexist and interact with each other. MR is often confused with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Where VR surrounds the user in a digital world through VR glasses, AR displays – just as MR – digital elements through the physical world on a smartphone or a tablet thereby limiting interaction with the digital objects. MR differs significantly from AR by its ability to interact with digital subjects in 3D as if they were physical objects.

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Contact us if you need help with the development, operation, or consultation for your Guides setup in order to achieve the best results from the technology.