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Digital transformation and sustainability

Digital transformation and sustainability

At a time when sustainability, the climate and corporate social responsibility are permeating businesses across the board, digitalization brings clarity to complexity, and makes it possible to drive the sustainability agenda forwards.

Digital transformation and sustainability are closely linked. Regardless of whether your primary focus is to reduce climate impact, contribute to community or ensure more diversity, there’s no doubt that sustainability has become a deeply integrated part of business life, along with digitalization.

Top management all over the world have learned that it rarely makes sense to have a separate strategy for digitalization, because it’s often a fundamental criterion for the business. Similarly, sustainability is a complex and omnipresent factor that affects and influences every part of the business.

Digitalization simplifies complexity

Digital solutions simplify challenges and provide the tools to turn your business in a more sustainable direction. In line with increased focus on sustainability, new standards and tools have been developed, such as the UN’s SDGs, Science Based Targets and circular economy, which simplify complexity and provide a framework for action. Such systems require enormous amounts of data from the entire value chain, which would be impossible to obtain, analyze and distribute without digitalization.

At a more exploitable level, digitalization also contributes measures that are able to enhance sustainability. For example: new virtual forms of collaboration that will make long journeys by air superfluous. Lifecycle analysis and more traceability throughout the supply chain to prove eco-friendly production methods. Or artificial intelligence to warn of inappropriate bias for HR management.

More digitally driven sustainability please

How can you ensure the sustainable transformation of your organization when unforeseen events occur? We have gathered input from this year’s NNIT Expectation Barometer. Get the results and analyses from each theme, complemented by lots of specific inspiration.

How NNIT can contribute to the sustainability of your business

More focus on sustainability is not just good for the environment and society as a whole, but also for your business. Many businesses are finding that their customers and business partners have high expectations for sustainability. The green transition and corporate social responsibility are key competitive parameters nowadays. The same applies when recruiting new talent. Organizations able to work strategically and focused on sustainability often have the advantage when it comes to attracting the best candidates in a highly competitive job market.

NNIT has considerable experience with digital transformation able to make a direct contribution to greater sustainability.

Our wide range of solutions include:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning able to analyze data and processes for identification of sustainable potential.
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions that move parts of the digital infrastructure to energy-efficient datacentres that run on renewable energy.
  • New ways of working that free your employees of their physical work environment, eliminating the need for so much business travel.
  • Mixed reality, able to support training and collaboration over long distances

We’re ready to help you move in a more sustainable direction

Contact us if you’re ready for more recommendations as to how you can accelerate your digital transformation and promote sustainability with digital solutions, thereby enhancing not only your business, but also achieving a competitive edge.