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Transforming Your ESG Reporting into a Competitive Advantage

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting has become a pivotal aspect of corporate strategy.

Enterprises are increasingly seeking partners with a strong sustainability stance, a proactive approach toward shaping a better future, and a trustworthy data-driven communication profile. At NNIT, we understand the significance of ESG reporting as a driver of change and competitive advantage for your organization.

Efficiency and Impact

ESG reporting is a formidable endeavor, and it can be transformed into a source of competitive strength when managed efficiently. We advocate a structured approach, similar to managing key performance indicators (KPIs), to unlock the potential of your ESG reporting. This approach involves establishing an ESG reporting setup akin to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

This sophisticated framework collects real-time data, enabling immediate insights and benchmarking across various sites, and fosters more impactful learning and improvement compared to traditional annual measurements. Furthermore, it aligns your internal operations with external reporting, creating a holistic ESG strategy that resonates with both stakeholders and potential employees.

Attracting Talent

In an era where employees increasingly seek "sustainable" companies to work for, it is vital to have a robust ESG program embedded within your organization. Our solution extends beyond an annual sustainability report, focusing on a dynamic, results-oriented approach. It encompasses leadership commitment to KPIs and a transparent external communication strategy that goes beyond periodic reporting.

NNIT's Growth-Oriented Approach

NNIT is much more than just a compliance partner in your ESG reporting – our approach delivers a strong engaging foundation for acting upon your ESG activities – underpinned by data-driven trust, leaving you with the ability to own your ESG agenda including reporting.

NNIT's comprehensive and modular approach empowers you to grow your ESG-related activities confidently. We facilitate your sustainability journey through a range of services designed to accommodate companies at various maturity levels. Our services cover everything from strategic sustainability advisory to Double Materiality Assessments and Data Gap Analyses ensuring the “red thread” from strategy to execution of your Sustainability initiatives.

Furthermore, our approach ensures the highest level of visibility and control over your data, guaranteeing full auditability. We provide you with finance-grade data transparency, allowing auditors to efficiently verify your claims our service delivers automated data gathering and a collaborative work environment through a finance-grade ESG reporting system (IBM Envizi) that NNIT has specialized in implementing.

Ready to boost your ESG agenda? Here is our approach

At NNIT, we firmly believe that ESG reporting should be an integral part of a company's DNA. To this end, we've curated a comprehensive suite of services that empower you to establish automated and dynamic ESG reporting. Our services are designed to be a supportive companion on this journey, regardless of where your company stands in terms of maturity.

Explore the full journey with us:

ESG Process V3

As the European Union introduces new legislation mandating detailed sustainability reporting, your company needs a clear path to compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), and the EU taxonomy among others. Our strategic sustainability advisory begins with a gap analysis that illuminates what your company must do to meet these requirements. This analysis is complemented by a strategic action plan, guiding you through the prioritization of necessary actions to ensure compliance, placing your company at the forefront when it comes to ESG reporting.

The outcome of this service is a well-defined assessment of the legislative requirements specifically applicable to your company and a high-level analysis highlighting any gaps that need to be addressed to align with the mandated standards.

Engaging in a Double-Materiality Assessment is a pivotal step in your ESG reporting journey, especially given the new legal requirements under CSRD and ESRS. This process involves a systematic evaluation of both internal and external factors to identify the most critical ESG themes that demand attention and reporting. Central to this assessment is the inclusion of key stakeholders to ensure that your future ESG reporting aligns with their expectations and requirements. This involves a financial analysis of the potential impact these requirements may have on your company and its value chain. It's a dynamic, iterative process that should be reviewed annually to stay on top of evolving ESG priorities.

The outcome of this service is a list of the material topics your company should report on, along with a compelling justification for these selections. The Double-Materiality Assessment serves as a crucial foundation for subsequent data collection and documentation of your company's ESG performance.

Our GAP analysis dives into your existing data infrastructure, identifying what you have and what is missing to cover all the selected ESG themes. Building upon the insights gained from the Double-Materiality Assessment, we evaluate data in terms of availability, quality, and ownership. The Data GAP Analysis delivers a comprehensive overview of data needs, gaps, and the groundwork needed to set up the Envizi platform.

The outcome of this service provides you with a clear understanding of which regulatory requirements can be addressed with your existing data, as well as a plan to procure missing data. Additionally, it offers an overview of data ownership and access to ensure a solid data foundation for ESG reporting.

At NNIT, we believe that genuine ownership of your ESG reporting hinges on dependable systems crafted by ESG specialists. That's why we advocate for the implementation of the Envizi platform, a trusted name in the ESG landscape with over 15 years of experience. Envizi has embedded ESG knowledge, robust data management, and project management components.

The Envizi implementation journey comprises at least five steps: project kick-off and workshop, system configuration, data connectors, and an ongoing data plan, historical data load (defaulting to two years), and the transition to support. The duration and complexity of each step depend on stakeholder engagement and data availability.

The outcome of this service is a personalized Envizi instance configured with agreed connectors, modules, data flows, and historical data loads. Moreover, we provide employee training and guidance for subsequent organizational integration opportunities.

When your data is in place and your Envizi instance is embedded in your organization, it is time to craft your sustainability report. NNIT has partnered with a highly skilled sustainability consultancy to offer a service that takes care of Sustainability Report Writing, ensuring that all knowledge and insights gained in the Double-Materiality Assessment are effectively articulated within the report, while also exercising attentiveness to avoid any form of greenwashing in accordance with the Green Marketing Act. This process furthermore leverages the data that is easily accessible via Envizi, ensuring a comprehensive and compelling report that tells your ESG story effectively.


At NNIT, we are your dedicated Partner on your ESG reporting journey, ensuring that you have the tools, insights, and support needed to own your ESG narrative. We elevate your ESG reporting, transform it into a competitive advantage, and take ownership of your sustainability agenda with confidence and trustworthiness. Join us on this transformative journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

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