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Driving change through your ESG reporting can be a competitive advantage

We help you manage your ESG data and turn it into actions and tangible progress

Enterprises are increasingly looking for partners who have a strong sustainability position, an active way of leading the change towards a better future for the world, and a communication profile that is trustworthy and builds on data.

Driving change through your ESG reporting can be a difficult exercise but doing it efficiently can create a new competitive advantage for your company, driven as a set of key KPIs similar to the way companies drive their top line and financial results. To do this, your company needs an ERP-like ESG reporting setup.

This setup measures the relevant data as they are produced, e.g., Measuring Gas consumption in factories on a yearly level makes it hard to drive incremental change, but connecting your gas meters to your ESG reporting and gathering Gas usage on a daily or even smaller intervals enables ownership, benchmarking across manufacturing sites, and in this way, organizations can learn from each other with much bigger impact as a result.

Another aspect of ESG reporting is the fact that employees are increasingly looking for “green” companies to work for. Having a strong profile and a program that is embedded in the organization, where leaders have KPI’s they are driving towards, and where external communication is much more than just a yearly sustainability report will attract new employees and retain current employees.

At NNIT we offer an automated, integrated, dynamic reporting approach and tool, including an OCM exercise that helps organizations drive adoption, ownership, and change on the ESG agenda. We acknowledge the complexity of ESG reporting and our ambitions are to guide you through the journey.

By offering a modular impact assessment we at NNIT help you assess and prioritize your value chain according to the impact on your ESG agenda. This includes both regional political stability, large GHG emitters in your value chain, and risk of unethical labor force, etc. This will lay the foundation for prioritizing the subsequent data gathering efforts and de-carbonization activities.

NNIT has chosen IBM Envizi as our platform to support our customers’ ESG journey. Envizi has the pedigree that resonates well with NNIT’s quality standards in delivering value to our clients. Envizi is one of the few companies in this field with more than 15 years in the making.

It is built and maintained by ESG experts and hold the most complete inventory of ESG reporting frameworks, related data models, emission factors, data connectors, and data management tools, all delivered in a strong collaborative framework.

All in all, a comprehensive and modular solution that you can grow with and rely on to support all your ESG related activities.