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Our Strategy

Value creation through customer centricity, Winning Solutions and a strong heritage

Driving value creation

At the core of our business strategy, we continue to focus on our life sciences customers – in Denmark and internationally – and we continue to focus on Private & Public customers in Denmark.


Our customers look to create value for their businesses and organizations through digital business transformation. To that end, NNIT offers a variety of Winning Solutions that enable fast value creation.


The Winning Solutions are successful due to our strong customer understanding – and because the Winning Solutions are delivered as proven concepts that are built fit for purpose and delivered first time right.


NNIT specializes in a select number of Winning Solutions. Basically, that means we have chosen to focus on what we know we do really well:

Our solutions are successful due to our strong customer understanding, and because they are delivered as Proven Concepts. For each solution area, NNIT has the ability to advise, build, operate and support the desired customer solution. 

You can read more about NNIT's areas of expertise in the section Our Solutions

Customers need a fast and safe implementation with less risk of delay or redundancy. Concepts and solutions must be well-tested and swiftly implemented to deal with any pain point – quickly supporting each customer’s business.

A proven concept means basing an offering on a recognized technology and/or business critical service.

The proven concept is based on a standardized and easily configurable solution that contributes to repeatable business.

Customers need to-the-point solutions without any unnecessary features or obstacles that are contextual to their business today and sustainable for value creation in the long run.

Fit for Purpose means delivering a solution on time and to the estimated cost; a solution that solves exactly what is important for the customer – nothing more and nothing less.

Customers expect a solution that remedies the specific business pain or supports the exact business potential without re-runs or contract and scope changes.

First time Right means using Proven Concepts with a Fit-for-Purpose scoping that is based on best practice.

This requires focus on best practice sharing to ensure fast and friction-free implementation.