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Data and AI

With the right structure and strategy, data and AI can lift your business to new heights

We help you manage your data and turn it into actionable insights

The potential of data and AI-based analytics is alluring. In virtually any industry and sector, data and AI can help businesses make faster decisions and generate valuable results. But to master data, you need structure and strategy.

The benefits do not come easy. To master your data, you need a solid strategy, good governance, reliable connections between systems and more. Your data must be valid and trustworthy, and a strong business case should set a clear direction for how and why you work with data and AI. 

At NNIT, we have the experience and expertise to guide you every step of the way, through advisory, data science and the right platforms. 

Bring meaning and clarity to your data

Businesses are already generating vast quantities of data. But without structure and analysis, data is just noise. Through the power of AI and Machine Learning, we enable you to bring meaning and clarity to your data. Identify the most valuable insights and share them throughout your organization with visualizations that make them fast and easy to interpret.

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Data & AI at NNIT

If you have the business case, we have the expertise to make it happen. NNIT’s capabilities in Data & AI cover everything you need from strategy to technology.

Advisory: Create a strategic foundation working with Data & AI

Data Strategy – Ensure a strong link between your business strategy and data strategy. We help you focus on the projects that have the best potential for creating value for your business.

Data Governance – Keep a firm grasp on standards and guidelines. Make sure your organization is geared to work with data and AI across business units and avoid having valuable data trapped in silos or distributed in conflicting formats.

Master Data Management – Protect your business-critical data at all costs. We help you harmonize your Master Data and implement robust processes for managing it. Get a unified and trustworthy overview to enable better decision making (Life Sciences IDMP)

Data Science: Find the valuable insights in millions of data points

Machine Learning – Utilize the power of machine learning to find hidden context and new insights in massive and complex data sets. Identify and eliminate outdated documents and spot patterns to help you optimize.

Use Case Identification – Have an idea, but unsure of the business case? We assist you to identifying potential data science use cases and assign a monetary value to each one. This will help you prioritize so you can select the most valuable cases to implement.

Predictive Maintenance – Don’t wait for it to break before fixing it. With AI analytics and IoT sensors, you can analyze dozens of data sources such as temperature, vibrations, weather data and more to find out exactly how your equipment is doing.  

Platforms: Get the right technology to make your data timely, trustworthy and secure

Data Architecture – Let us build the data warehouses and pipelines you need to store, transfer and process your data securely and efficiently.

Data Engineering – We enable you to always be able to access it in a secure, compliant, accurate and timely manner.

IoT (Internet of Things) – With our help, you can build an IoT infrastructure, which will allow you to capture, analyze and utilize all manner of data generated by machinery, production lines, vehicles and more.

Case Stories

Ready to get started with Data & AI? So are we!

Do you want to spot new ways to reduce your environmental footprint, optimize your supply chain or build a digital twin of your production facility? Then NNIT is here to help you. It does not matter if your industry is life sciences, manufacturing, finance, public sector or something else. Together, we will find the best way to improve your business with Data & AI.