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Data and AI

Find the right fit for AI in your specific industry

Through our technical and domain-specific expertise, we help highly regulated industries use AI to extract value and clarity from data.

Data-intensive industries like life sciences, energy & utilities, and the public sector have experienced an exponential growth in both structured and unstructured data in recent years. If your organization is in this situation, AI is a match made in heaven – but a match that presents both challenges and opportunities.

On the one hand, AI lets you control and utilize your data to solve countless business problems and unlock tremendous value, regardless of whether your objective is to analyze clinical trial data, improve customer service, or reduce the workload for municipal case workers.

On the other hand, as part of a specialized and regulated industry, your needs most likely go beyond standard solutions and generic chatbots. Unlocking the full potential of AI requires a firm understanding of the business processes, industry-specific standards, and technological challenges involved.

Leverage AI in record time

It is essential to look past the initial AI hype and consider the long-term impact of data transparency, regulatory constraints, and security. This is where NNIT comes in. Through a combination of domain-specific knowledge and deep understanding of AI technology, we can help you harness AI and transform your fragmented and unstructured data into clean and valuable insight.

Thanks to our custom generative AI platform, experienced consultants, and proven methodology, getting access to the benefits of AI have never been easier or faster. With our help, you can leverage AI to enable end users in your various lines of business to perform tasks that previously required specialized data scientists, data analysts and data engineers. Via NNIT’s AI Booster program, you can have a functional AI prototype configured, tested, and implemented in 6-9 weeks instead of 6-9 months.

Let AI aid your migration

AI can also be an invaluable tool when migrating to a new IT system. Specifically, AI is uniquely suited to handle the huge quantities of data that need to be managed as part of a migration. This can greatly speed up the migration process, reducing costs and the workload of key employees.

For example, AI can handle many of the time-consuming manual tasks associated with a system migration, such as data cleanup and analysis prior to migration, marking documents for enrichment, checking for duplicates, and performing automated document classification.

Throughout the entire process, we take great care to maintain transparency and human oversight to ensure that the AI’s performance can be both trusted and verified.

NNIT Data & AI Solutions

At NNIT, we help you find the right fit for AI in your specific industry. We know which processes have the appropriate level of risk for AI, how to avoid bias, and how to adapt your processes to always ensure human oversight and control.

Custom-built AI platform: At NNIT, we have developed our own generative AI platform: KnowItNow. We use this in our internal processes, to enhance our AI skills, and as the foundation for customer projects.
This enables us to leverage AI at unprecedented speeds, and the platform continually increases our understanding and experience with building industry-specific AI solutions.

Our Data & AI solutions include:

  • Ensure control and compliance: Gain the benefits of AI without compromising security, governance, or transparency. We ensure that you are in full control of your data and AI, not the other way around.
  • Solve industry-specific use cases: We have capabilities to apply AI to sector-specific data formats, such as regulatory publishing and submission of documents, clinical trial data, and manufacturing specifications in the life sciences sector or the IT systems used for public sector casework.
  • AI-assisted Migration: With AI, migrating from legacy systems can be faster and more efficient. We can ensure full, swift, and totally transparent migration of all your data.

Ready to get started with Data & AI? So are we!

Do you want to accelerate the use of data and AI in your organization? Then NNIT is here to help. It does not matter if your industry is life sciences, manufacturing, energy & utilities, public sector, or something else entirely. Together, we will find the best way to improve your business with Data & AI.