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The public sector

Create coherent digital user journeys using modern IT

​​​​​​​​​​​​By harnessing leaps in technology and digitalization, public institutions can optimize and streamline. Doing so provides citizens with more value for money in an era of increasingly tight budgets.

The public sector is under increasing pressure. There are fewer people being employed and they are expected to ensure the progressively greater welfare of a growing public, while at the same time budgets are being tightened. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that strict financial management characterizes the sector.

Improving efficiency is high on the agenda. Across the sector, institutions and organizations are concerned with how to optimize processes, facilitate workflows, and reduce costs. This applies to management plans, case handling, various digital services, and day-to-day support.

Coherent user journeys
While budgets are decreasing, citizens' expectations of the public sector are increasing. Services must be available anytime, anywhere. We change our tax assessment notices or seek maternity pay from the comfort of our couches late on random evenings.

Ensuring cohesion across one of the world's largest public sectors is a major challenge that requires lots of hard work from the national and local governments, the various ministries, and many public institutions. IT plays a huge role in creating a digitally coherent public sector. At NNIT, we believe that if you want to put the citizen at the center of your efforts, your IT systems must do the same.

A great social responsibility
Every part of the public sector shoulders a huge societal responsibility every day. It is all about people – and on the other side of every IT system is a citizen who depends on things running smoothly.

High stability is needed if citizens are to have trust in their public institutions. Therefore, the sector is subject to strict requirements when it comes to safety and compliance. Born out of the pharma industry – one of the world's most regulated industries – NNIT is firmly rooted in a high-level security culture, and we diligently apply this in the way we develop, implement, operate, and advise on public sector IT solutions. Read more about our security solutions here.

We know that security of supply is paramount in public organizations. Not least in times when cloud solutions are unavoidable, while GDPR considerations must weigh heavily. Cloud offers a myriad of opportunities, especially for public institutions. Read more about our Hybrid Cloud approach here.

When there is only one of its kind
Public sector IT systems are distinguished by the fact that there is often only one of its kind. Take for example the Danish maternity system – you will not find another like it anywhere else in the world. When every solution is unique, it is all-important that your IT can leverage experience from a completely different field – perhaps even a different sector – and transfer this to your organization. First time right is one of our greatest strengths.

At NNIT, we have more than 15 years of experience helping public organizations with their IT solutions. Our experts are proficient in different legal bases and business areas – and combine those insights with their vast IT and technological expertise.