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BorgerIT: Automated case management designed for Danish legislation

Automate case management and increase user-friendliness for both citizens and administrative staff. That is the concept behind BorgerIT: a cloud-based platform enabling the automation of up to 80 percent of public sector case management processes. The result is stable operations, fewer errors, and a unique guided user experience for citizens and administrative staff alike.

Like the rest of the world, Denmark is currently experiencing a strong digital development in the way we act as citizens, how we run businesses and how the public sector provides services and welfare. In order for the public sector to keep up with the increasing digitalization of society, the availability of citizen-oriented self-service solutions must be increased. Anytime. Anywhere.

That is why we at NNIT have developed BorgerIT, which converts complex legislation into automated case management – from when the case is opened until it is closed.

Tailored for individual needs

No two public sector bodies are identical and, therefore, their case management shouldn't be either. BorgerIT is modular, which means that the core functionality of the platform can be structured to meet the precise requirements of your unit for case management and legislation.

Furthermore, the user interface has been designed with the end-user in mind. It has been designed to allow the citizen to follow the case management process from the sideline. In that way, the citizen experiences greater transparency and reassurance, which will boost confidence in the public sector.

Designed for public sector bodies

BorgerIT’s IT architecture has been designed and developed on the basis of OIO standards. This means that the underlying structure of the platform is solidly anchored in the common digital architecture rules for the public sector and it is specifically based on Danish framework conditions.

The platform has been developed on the basis of NNIT’s experience with the special administrative procedures and processes applying in the Danish public sector. This means that if legislation is amended, BorgerIT can be easily and rapidly updated so that case management is always based on the current legislation.


We believe that the best results are achieved by working together. If we are to develop IT solutions that are flawless from day 1, we know that it requires an effort from both parties. We are focused on creating a strongly committed team consisting of representatives of the customer and experienced consultants with strong professional skills from NNIT. This is the winning team that will bring the project across the finishing line.

At NNIT, we have more than 15 years of experience in helping the public sector with consultancy services, development, operations, and support. We have specialized in understanding different legal frameworks and business areas as well as combining these insights with our extensive skills within IT and technology.

It is deeply anchored in our methodology and history that documentation, quality, and security requirements are important when developing robust IT solutions. That is why NNIT is an obvious business partner for public sector bodies seeking to implement an automated case management process with top-class security.

We are ready. Are you?

Is case management too time-consuming for you? Is your dependence on specialists making it difficult for you to move ahead at the desired speed? Are too many errors occurring in your current system? Is the system difficult to use for citizens, administrative staff, and others who need access to the user interface?

Contact us today for a talk about how BorgerIT can streamline your case management.