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Career talks

Our leaders always prioritize to have 1:1 talks with their team members

Career Talk: Anne Amalie Bak Merrild & Lars B. Petersen

In NNIT we focus on the individual employee and the journey they choose to embark on. We want to encourage our employees to explore new possibilities and to improve their competencies. We believe that this is also to the benefit of our entire company.

To do this our leaders take time out of their schedules to have a 1:1 career talk with their team members to develop a career plan and make sure they are on the right track and developing accordingly.

Vice President of Sustainability, Communications, and Marketing, Lars Petersen, is one of +200 NNIT leaders who conduct 1:1 meetings with his team members bi-weekly to talk about how the individual employee is doing, and if there are any work-related topics to discuss.

Personal development and career focus

The meetings are a part of the individual employee’s career and business development, as well as their personal development in NNIT. The Individual Development Plan helps zoom in on the employee’s strengths, fueling performance, and driving change. The career talks can also be used to talk about wishes, aspirations, milestones, and commitments.

Marketing Consultant Anne Amalie Bak Merrild is one of Lars’ team members and appreciates the career talks; “My experience is that through this on-going dialogue with Lars, I get the opportunity to impact my own career development while also being mentored by someone who has a different perspective than I do. This makes it possible for me to make a mark, both in NNIT, but also regarding my own personal development.”