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Enhance your Performance with a Fine-Tuned Quality Management System

Reduce the cost of poor quality and boost your performance by tailoring your training, document management and quality management system to your specific data and processes.  

Poor quality has an expensive impact on your entire value chain. In-process rejections, rework and scrap, product recalls, warranty claims and loss of goodwill are just some of the ways poor quality hurts both your reputation, your financial results and your production efficiency.

Both the root causes and the true cost of poor quality can be hard to pin down unless you know where to look. Incomplete data models, disconnected processes, flawed written procedures and inefficient training methods all contribute to eroding your profits. Experts have estimated that the cost of poor quality generally amounts to 5-25 percent of sales in a manufacturing or service company.

Poor quality impacts your entire business

Unlike the cost of poor quality, the cost of good quality is much more noticeable. Quality planning, training, inspections and laboratory testing all require both time and effort, qualified employees and the right digital tools. But the investment is worthwhile, because a solid quality management system is the foundation of every other part of a life sciences value chain.  

There is a direct and well-established link between investments in quality and reductions in avoidable mistakes. The 1-10-100 rule of data quality (introduced by George Labovitz and Yu Sang Chang in 1992), states that $1 properly spent in defect prevention, is equal to $10 spent in product appraisal and $100 spent on product failures.

The important factor is that the investments in quality are guided by someone with the expertise and insights to combine industry best practices with your specific business need. That’s where NNIT enters the picture.

The recipe for a strong quality management foundation

With NNIT, you can get qualified consultancy based on decades working with the life sciences sector. Regardless of the size and complexity of your organization, you get everything you need to build a solid quality foundation, anchored in your organization’s processes and data, supported through superior data quality and data governance. Our core quality services are:

  • Learning Management: Revolutionize your learning experience with our 21st century training framework. Our process and role-based approach ensures that the right training reaches the right people, and we guide you in utilizing effective learning technology. We can help your organization boost learning outcomes and cultivate a culture of “right-first time” practices.
  • Quality Management System: Boost your performance with a best-in-class QMS environment that provides high transparency, improved cooperation and built-in quality standards. You can rely on our expert advice and assistance through the continuous transformation, from implementation to go-live and beyond. Unify your data and pave the way for data-driven decisions. 
  • Document Management: Transform your document landscape to establish a harmonized and uniform structure, promoting improved oversight, simplified navigation, and increased user engagement. We can help you apply a process-oriented framework to connect departments facilitate standardization and harmonization, and boost performance in your organization. With AI automation you will reduce time and effort required to achieve these objectives.



NNIT Quality Solutions

We are a dedicated Quality advisory and consultancy unit with an average of 15 years of professional experience.

With NNIT Quality Solutions, you get a competent partner to help you implement, sustain and enhance best-in-class quality management systems. With us, it’s quality before quantity, driving excellence beyond software. Leveraging a unified solution and the expertise of NNIT professionals can bridge the gap between technology and business, ensuring the successful realization of your desired future state.

NNIT is a trusted Veeva partner, and a leading provider of services tailored to the life sciences industry.

Within the Veeva Quality Vault domain, our expertise covers QualityDocs, Quality Management Systems and Vault Training. A full-service solution provides an end-to-end service with a well-proven framework and a dedicated expert team of 100+ certified Veeva Vaults professionals, 250+ experienced Veeva life sciences consultants and 450+ Veeva implementation projects.​


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