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Veeva Center of Excellence

Maximize your business value with a Veeva Center of Excellence

A successful implementation cannot stand alone

After implementation of Veeva Vault, NNIT offers a line of services, allowing you to focus on other business activities, while staying validated and getting the most out of your Veeva investment.

NNIT Veeva Center of Excellence benefits life sciences customers on their SaaS journey and helps them gain full business benefits of a Veeva Vault suite on a continuous basis. The services are composed of 6 services.

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Veeva Center of Excellence

NNITs Veeva ReCharge gives you a fast and easy overview of what is required to get your Veeva suites back in a validated state and fully supports the entire process of getting there.

With Veeva ReCharge you get:

  • GAP assessment matching latest Veeva releases with robust and proven standard approaches​.
  • Implementation plan and high-level cost estimates by experienced and Veeva certified consultants​.
  • An assessment of your Veeva setup and the whether it is geared to keep up with Veeva releases and to stay validated​.


Deliverables include:

  • Assessment report.
  • Plan and estimates to close GAPs.
  • Overview of GAPs and unused features.
  • Recommendations on how to stay validated.

NNIT’s Veeva Stay Validated service ensures that your Veeva Vaults are always in a validated state following each Veeva release cycle​.

With Veeva Stay Validated you get:

  • Efficient handling of all Vault releases through standardized methodologies​.
  • Employment of in-house developed scripts and automation processes (PQ) dramatically simplifying the validation process and reducing efforts needed.​
  • NNIT’s co-innovation partnership with Veeva fostering best practices and knowledge- sharing​.

Deliverables include:

  • Risk assessment.
  • Regression testing of Vaults and integrations.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Release change handling.

NNIT's Veeva Support enables quick and efficient handling of all business and technical issues including product vendor coordination and day-to-day operations, freeing up resources and saving time.

With Veeva Support you get:

  • Business SMEs and Veeva certified consultants fueled by a strong knowledge base and best practices supporting all Veeva Vaults.
  • Global support setup securing cost efficiency with 24/7 options and delivery managers in proximity to your business.
  • Proven multi-vendor model with strong architect capabilities in key Veeva Vault related products.

Deliveries include:

  • Business administration.
  • Technical support for Vault and integrations.
  • Seamless coordination across multiple vendors.

NNIT's Veeva Business Life Cycle Management service enables the optimal utilization of all relevant Veeva configurable out-of-the box features.

With Veeva Business Life Cycle Management you get:

  • Life Sciences business domain SMEs with deep industry experience in the different Veeva Vaults assessing new features fit for your business.
  • Standardized assessment framework for new features validated against your business strategy.
  • Road maps updated.

Deliveries include:

  • Implementation roadmap.
  • Prioritized input to your backlog.

NNIT's Continuous Improvement service secures that your business roadmaps gets implemented while keeping control of any changes to your Veeva Vaults.

With NNIT's Continuous Improvement services you get:

  • Efficient backlog management, including agile release schedule planning, backed by our standardized framwork, while keeping a clear overview of all changes.
  • All standard- and customized changes are driven, executed and implemented by NNIT.
  • Our service can be adapted to your way of working, be it Agile, Kanban or Waterfall models.

Deliveries include:

  • Release management.
  • Test, validation and risk assessments.
  • Feature/use case implementation.
  • Backlog management.

With NNIT's Continuous User Adoption we can support the preparation and update of training materials as well as Veeva Vault SOPs. Training is part of our OCM blueprint. 

With NNIT's Continuous User Adoption you get:

  • A best practice standard for preparing or updating training materials ensuring system adoption. Also, we prepare or update Veeva Vault SOPs to enure that formal requirements are described. 
  • Flexibility and adaptability in different set-ups. Navigating in an agile as well waterfall-based way of working.
  • OCM consultants specialized in Life Sciences and with backgrounds from either consulting and/or the industry-side.

Deliveries include:

  • Training impact assessment.
  • Preparation or update of training materials.
  • Preparation or update of Veeva Vault SOPs.

Veeva Center of Excellence Capacity

When you combine all these services, you get a team with the capacity to operate Veeva applications and interfaces with a focus on quality and stability. You can build and deploy incremental improvements to applications/interfaces, and orchestrate the application in a business context and enterprise IT landscape.

The team delivers all these services via skills spanning from detailed technical knowledge to deep functional expertise. This will fulfill the need for diverse support for application and platform orchestration.


  • Enable your business to seize and use new features from Veeva releases
  • Vault and Interface validation is handled by NNIT relieving time and pressure from your organization (3 mandatory releases yearly to stay validated in short time)
  • Varied support and advisory competencies available to aid your Veeva adoption
  • Global support demand delivered through a standard service model
  • Value adding advisory - setting clear direction for your application landscape
  • Our customers benefit from NNIT’s highly skilled and end-to-end focused support and development team, who help to ensure the success of the Veeva application in the customer environment.