Veeva Center of Excellence – maximize the value of your Veeva investments

When life sciences organizations embark on the Veeva journey, they will most often encounter the need to handle the Vaults efficiently after go-live.

With Veeva, many possibilities and ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions follow, but at the same time, common challenges appear such as maintenance of documentation for each release, utilizing new features effectively, and alignment with the business.

Download the webinar and learn more about NNIT’s Veeva Center of Excellence where you will get a holistic approach on how to handle Veeva after go-live in a structured way. Through specific key activities you can secure that your Vaults are aligned with your business, in order to maximize the value while keeping the Vaults in a validated state.

The webinar covers:

  • A holistic approach to maximizing the value of your Veeva investments with key activities to succeed
  • A standardized approach to keeping your Vaults in a validated state after the automatic roll on of new features
  • How to handle day to day business and technical support related to the Vaults & Integrations
  • Best practices for continuously aligning your Vaults with your business requirements

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