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Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Real-time transparency in manufacturing and supply chain information for improved process control

A full, accurate and updated overview of all your manufacturing and supply chain processes enables the life sciences operations business to streamline manufacturing processes, prevent failed batches and time-consuming rework, and to release finished products faster.

If you want to optimize your life sciences manufacturing and supply chain processes, you need up-to-date and accurate information. Relevant data about every step in your value chain should be available to the right people at the right time: from production managers planning and checking the status of manufacturing batches in the shop floor and warehouse, to production supervisors verifying the availability of ingredients and equipment, operators monitoring the critical parameters, and logistics partners picking up the finished product.

Being able to instantly act on that information increases efficiency and prevents recalls and failures. It means you can make corrections in real time, rather than having to scrap whole batches because potential problems were not caught until after the process was complete. You can react to immediate trending and warnings, such as the use of wrong raw materials or deviations from the correct process parameter levels. And you can reduce the time and cost of having finished products stuck in quarantine, waiting to be released by quality control.

Adapt your processes to a connected reality.

To achieve optimized manufacturing and supply chains processes, you must replace traditional isolated and paper-based ways of working with tightly integrated and validated digital tools. The old ways are no longer sufficient to handle the increasingly complex landscape of modern pharma production, where new production methods, increasing regulatory demands and shorter delivery cycles are constantly pushing the envelope.

Optimizing and digitalizing processes is not just a matter of upgrading software or implementing new systems such as a manufacturing/laboratory execution system (MES/LES) or information management system (MIS/LIMS). Your old processes were designed to match your old tools and isolated information flows. If you implement digital tools without implementing related features into your processes, you're leaving efficiency on the floor.

Furthermore, the nature of digital tools in life sciences companies has changed over the past decade. Today, focus is more on data and content management, like setting up workflows, running data analytics and information visualization, and less on technical details such as installation and software customizations. This requires a different approach to validation, master data management and process mapping.


Update your manufacturing and supply chain for the digital age with NNIT.

With NNIT, you can get qualified consultancy based on decades of experience working with processes, people, and technology in the life sciences industry. Transform your business to take full advantage of your digital landscape and make your processes and tools act and react exactly as needed.

We do not just advise you, but also help turn your vision for optimized manufacturing and supply chain into reality. In contrast to common approaches on the market, we start the journey from the business processes, not from the technical side. We analyse the actual weak points as well as the readiness for digitalization, based on data/information flow, workflow as well as material/equipment flow. We transform your processes from their current state to the target mapping, and then we use our wide expertise around the technologies on the market to put this mapping into reality in a final step.

Our core services are:

Advisory and Consulting Services: Our core consulting business offers a range of services including feasibility analysis, ROI evaluation, business case definition, and technology supplier selection. Our approach emphasizes preparation and establishing the right context to ensure that the fundamental aspects of your manufacturing and supply chain are strategically aligned for success and to see that the technology selected is enabling tool, not just the per-default solution.

Building the Digital Foundation: We specialize in the implementation of your strategic plan and vision. Our services encompass the technical installation, configuration, verification/validation, and setup of systems and interfaces, following the data content management and workflow digitization. Equally important, we partner with your organization to effectively transform and translate your business processes to match the new digital system, ensuring seamless transition and integration.

Ongoing Optimization and Improvement: Our commitment extends beyond initial implementation. We focus on optimizing and maintaining up-to-date data, fostering a continuous improvement mindset. Our approach involves a constant cycle of improvement and verification, drawing lessons from data analytics. We manage the lifecycle of digital processes and their underlying technology, aiming for stable and problem-free operation.

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