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UN's Sustainable Development Goals

We are focused on four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

At NNIT, we believe our values of making a mark also apply to society at large. In addition to a general approach to proper and fair business conduct, we have identified four SDGs where we see our work adding most value, and we are committed to making a more positive mark on both business and society through our activities within this framework.

We are focused on the following four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

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We have chosen to focus on these four SDGs, because this is where we see the clearest link to our competencies, but also because our work not only contributes to reaching the goals for the world society set by the UN, it gets us closer to reaching our business goals.

The SDG framework has enabled us to focus our efforts and led to a range of activities supporting our four chosen targets. Please find all activities and detailed descriptions in our Sustainability Reports.

To us, committing to SDG 4: Quality Education means that we can help educate children and young people to better navigate in a digital world, while hopefully also give ourselves a greater pool of IT talents to choose from, when looking to hire new colleagues in the future.

Helping school children navigate in the digital world

One initiative that we support is Coding Class in Denmark. We are one of the founding partners of the Coding Class initiative, which aims to open children’s eyes to the endless opportunities of technology so that they gain a better understanding of the digital world surrounding us while learning how to code and work with innovation.

To us, committing to SDG 5: Gender Equality means contributing to a more diverse environment in the IT industry and promote diverse leadership in general, while also increasing diversity among our own, which we believe in turn gives us better prerequisites for success.

Our Diversity Policy serves to increase diversity at all levels across NNIT

To us, committing to SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure means continuous development towards a more efficient IT industry and society. This benefits the improvement of the IT industry itself, but with our competencies and efforts within this framework, we are also able to support our customers’ sustainability journey by providing innovative solutions and ensuring efficiency in IT processes.

To us, committing to SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production means lowering our CO2 emissions and consumption in general across our organization and advising our customers on how IT can help them lower their consumption as well.

We measure our CO2 emissions on a global scale using the GHG Protocol and report on all scopes.