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Custom Application Development

Transform your organization with user-friendly software

With customized IT solutions from Application Development, you can achieve faster time-to-market and create unique user experiences.

Consumers and customers are increasingly demanding new, innovative IT solutions that are developed quickly and continuously updated. Furthermore, expectations for a good user experience are higher than ever. Solutions that met users' needs just five years ago can fall a long way short today. To meet these high expectations, your organization needs to be far more software driven.

Increasing need for new software solutions

While most organizations are to a great extent supported by software solutions, many of these are standard solutions. Although they generally satisfy many needs, they are often difficult to change or build on. When new business needs or business opportunities arise and require you to build new, unique solutions for customers, users, patients, or citizens, standard solutions often disappoint.

The best solution for your organization

In many organizations today, the large number of software solutions creates a complexity that makes it difficult to keep up with the demands of the outside world for innovation and rapid development. It can be difficult to figure out how you create the best IT solution for your company. What should be preserved, what should be replaced, and how do you best approach the process?

At the same time, many organizations struggle with limited IT resources and a lack of software developers. This means that development projects often end up competing for the same resources – and it can be difficult to keep up with the need to develop new solutions and upgrade existing ones at the same time.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has moved into the public sector, and the Danish authorities are exploring how the technology can become a valuable tool. According to NNIT's Jannic Stolzenbach Jensen, transparency and human supervision will be crucial in ensuring that AI can improve welfare.

Read the article here.

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Are you also struggling to create new and better user experiences that can accommodate changing needs? Is your legacy standing in the way of you being able to transform your applications in the cloud and thereby achieve faster time-to-market? Or do you lack the resources needed to bring your ideas and wishes to life?

This is where NNIT comes in. Regardless of your needs, we have the resources, the experience and the industry knowledge needed to guide you in choosing the best solution for your particular business and needs. And we provide exactly the skills you need to reach your goals - quickly and efficiently.

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