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Working in NNIT

Working in Asia, Europe and USA we all have a common goal of making a mark on business and society

Do you want to make a mark while improving your competencies?

Every day, more than 1,700 talented colleagues work in Asia, Europe and USA towards the common goal of making a mark on business and society by bringing digital transformation to life.

To us, working with IT is to ensure that vital parts of our society are functional and developing in areas such as pharma production, banking, transportation and food supplies. That is, at NNIT, we work with handling critical infrastructure across sectors and across countries. And that is why making a mark means everything to us.  

Our values are not just phrases that we wrote down and posted on our walls. They are practised in our many offices around the world and in our meetings with customers and other stakeholders: We are open and honest, value adding, and conscience driven.

We encourage the kind of independent thinking and individual responsibility that paves the way for you to make your mark in and with NNIT.

What's in it for you?

  • We focus on your learning - career planning, job rotation, certifications, further education, and postings abroad
  • We focus on your health - ergonomic work environment, flexible working hours, attractive pension and health insurance, and various company events.
  • We focus on our culture - mutual respect, open and honest, cooperative with a solid team-work spirit

Our leadership principles ensure that our managers take the lead, inspire, and involve their team.

Your personal development

In NNIT, we believe that one of the prerequisites for thriving at work is to know where you're heading, why, and how you're doing on your way there. 

We aim to support this through continuous dialogue between employee and manager and through target setting in our Annual Performance Improvement System (APIS). We believe this supports a meaningful dialogue about personal targets that align with NNIT’s business goals and strategy.

You will of course also have an ongoing dialogue with your direct manager about your performance, development, and general well-being. 

Motivated, engaged and passionate people are crucial drivers for NNIT

That's why we wish to create the right development opportunities for all employees. The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is the tool we use to ensure this. The IDP is strength-oriented and zooms in on opportunities and areas where the employee can do what they do best. By putting strengths into play, we fuel performance and drive engagement and motivation.