Get an optimized cybersecurity system & setup for ​your business​

Protect your business with cybersecurity, don’t limit it

Cyber-attacks are constantly threatening businesses of all sizes. And increasing digitalization means there is a need for a higher level of cybersecurity, including awareness and analysis of security response measures, than ever before.

IT cybersecurity can accelerate business and enable growth

At NNIT, we can help you design, implement and service the right cybersecurity setup, regardless of your industry. A setup that ensures a comprehensive level of IT cybersecurity in every part of your organization, without limiting your potential for doing business. With an effective cybersecurity strategy, you will have optimal conditions for both accelerating business and enabling growth. Companies that optimize their cybersecurity are more likely to pursue new technologies, avoid disruption to operations and not least enhance their reputation amongst customers.

The journey to an effective IT cybersecurity setup

We take you by the hand wherever you are on your journey and help you step by step towards an effective cybersecurity setup tailored to your needs.

Cybersecurity Consulting: Right-sizing your cybersecurity strategy to avoid cyber attacks 

Businesses are faced with serious cybersecurity challenges, and cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate. These developments require new ways of thinking in order to achieve effective security protection to avoid financial and reputational damage.

NNIT offers a range of tailored Security Advisory services to help businesses on their journey to achieving effective security protection.

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Identity and Access Management: Who has access to your sensitive data?

As businesses embrace new technology to boost productivity and cut costs, organizations have never been more vulnerable to security related threats. Managing user identities and accesses has never been more important and challenging.

NNIT can support you in the journey to establish the policies, processes and the right IAM system, that will help you safely administrate and protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive information assets in the future.

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Cloud Security: Securing your data in the Cloud

​​​One of the biggest reasons companies often mention when asked why they have deferred from moving systems and services to Cloud-based solutions is due to their concerns over Cloud security.

NNIT offers a range of Cloud security advisory services to help organizations ensure a smooth transition to the Cloud, such that security risks are identified and mitigated.

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Managed Detection and Response: Cost-effective management and monitoring of security solutions

Managing security systems is a complex and time consuming task, as it requires the right workforce with the appropriate in-depth technology insight to operate them.

NNIT offers both traditional operation manning as well as Detection and Response on security systems with the NNIT Cyber Defense Center. NNIT also offers a systematic approach to managing an organization’s security needs.

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We're a Managed Security Service Provider helping you manage your ​cyber-security strategy, processes, certifications, controls and compliance measures.​

Based on strong partnerships with solution providers, we can build a ​full-scale Cyber Defense Center. We can establish solid identity and ​access management solutions, assess your threat posture in real-time ​and respond to any threat fast.

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How quickly can your employees spot potential security breaches? 

NNIT Cybersecurity Training in Virtual Reality is a new way of providing awareness to employees.

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