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White paper: IAM and IGA - An Integral Part of a Zero Trust Architecture

Cybercrime is constantly evolving, forcing cybersecurity specialist to develop new counter measures to catch up.

Working from home, working from own devices and increased use of cloud services has added to the fact that the corporate network cannot no longer be regarded as the primary security perimeter. The identities that use the corporate systems are the primary perimeter, which must be secured and protected.

The answer to these developments has been to introduce Zero Trust (ZT) to the security architectures. 

This whitepaper is intended to give the reader an overview of how identity and access management (IAM) acts as an integral part of a Zero Trust architecture (ZTA).

In this white paper you can learn more about:

  • What Zero Trust architecture is
  • How access and identity is essential to Zero Trust
  • The basics of IAM and IGA
  • How to get started with IAM and IGA
  • Day-to-day access management and governance
  • How strong identity governance is key to Zero Trust

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