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Young professionals

As an employee of NNIT, you are giving yourself a solid career foundation that ensures you can grow and make a mark on some of the most ambitious projects in the IT industry. 

If you are just about to launch your professional career, there are different ways of doing exactly that at NNIT. Find out more about the options here:

Students and interns at NNIT

At NNIT, we employ a number of students and interns who are excited about the digital transformation and want to play an important role in fulfilling our customers' IT potential in different ways.

As a student or intern working in NNIT, you typically have a few years left of your education and want to learn how to convert your theoretical knowledge into useful skills.

Our opinion is - and our experience shows us - that students and interns bring great value to NNIT, and many NNIT'ers began their careers in these roles. So, we take great care in hiring the right students and interns and making their jobs attractive.

NNITs Young Professional Community
Students, graduates, interns, juniors or associates working at NNIT: we call them young professionals. The Young Professional Community is a network for NNIT colleagues at the beginning of their careers. Its purpose is to build bridges, share knowledge and create relations across NNIT.

Interested in becoming an NNIT student assistant?
We are continually looking for students to help us in every area of the business. Our vacant student assistant positions and internships are posted on our job portal

"The challenge is the fun. With the transition progressing it is quite rewarding to experience customers appreciating and benefitting from the skills and knowledge you bring into their companies and projects"

Embark on your career as a specialist with NNIT

The NNIT Future Specialist Program (FSP) is an opportunity to challenge yourself within a technological area in high demand - it could be within IT Project Management, Solutions Architecture or DevOps.

It's a dedicated program of hands-on training and specialized mentoring by some of the most experienced and dedicated people in the industry. 

Our FSP candidates are recent graduates or have 2-3 years of working experience, they're ambitious and focused, and they want to pursue a career as a specialist and trusted advisor within a certain field of expertise or technology. 
Most importantly, they are passionate by nature and eager to learn.

Our FSPs will:

  • Join a dedicated training and mentoring program with deep-dives into technical areas
  • Work closely with a mentor to support personal development. 
  • Apply their academic knowledge and problem-solving skills to real-life cases.
  • Get the opportunity to work on local and global projects. 
"What I like about NNIT in particular is its working culture. It is very pragmatic and straightforward and makes a perfect match with the complex tasks we are dealing with on a daily basis"