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Custom Application Development

Extend the lifetime and optimize the functionality of your IT systems with Application Transformation

In a changing IT landscape, time and resources are not always available to develop new systems from scratch — nor is this always necessary. Application Transformation allows you to modernize and optimize existing IT systems so they work smoothly and support external requirements and legislation.

The new digital reality has taken a firm hold in both the public and private sector. The greater digitalization requirements are putting pressure on all organizations and their IT systems. These need to be much more agile and deliver extremely fast solutions if they are to make a difference and stand out from competitors. But it is not enough for them to be adaptable. The functionality also needs to be exceptional, ideally via a user-friendly platform that supports employees in their daily workflows and ensures efficiency and quality.

There is pressure from all sides, and time is a key factor in the race to differentiate. The faster you can adapt to a given situation, the greater your head start in the digitalization battle. There can also often be many benefits from transforming by modernizing existing IT systems and applications.

Life-extending IT transformation

Whether you are a government agency that needs to modernize an existing payment or administrative system, or a private company that needs to differentiate yourself from the competition, Application Transformation can be the solution you need. Application Transformation allows you to accelerate your digital transformation by optimizing and extending the life of existing, aging IT systems. By updating and expanding the systems’ functionality to better match the modern IT landscape, you can meet users’ needs for functional, efficient, and intuitive user interfaces.

Systems and applications must always be designed for the people who will be using them. Application Transformation is therefore always based on the specific challenges and needs of your organization.
NNIT’s entire toolbox is open and accessible. Your digital transformation can be based on low-code technology such as OutSystems, or more traditional software development.

The technologies and tools we use depend on the given project. When fast time-to-market, frequent adjustments, and development close to the organization’s users are key parameters, low-code technology has enormous potential. Other situations call for customized IT solutions, coded from the ground up.

Digital superstructure with budget awareness

A quick glance around the IT landscape reveals a great need to accelerate digital transformation. In the public sector, in particular, the number of aging legacy systems is high. In many organizations, administrative staff are using old systems that neither match nor support current workflows. These are heavy, resource-intensive work tools, which often end up complicating and slowing down workflows rather than optimizing and streamlining them. Application Transformation allows you to remain sharp and relevant, even though the underlying systems are getting on in years. A model that is both fast and financially responsible.

When we modernize and expand existing IT systems, we also stabilize the current infrastructure. We can also add an extra layer of applications that optimize the system and enable it to respond faster and more efficiently.

The digital boost adds renewed energy and extends the lifetime, without dismantling and rebuilding the entire IT system. This is a cost-effective way to get more modern and user-friendly IT without breaking your budget.

Shall we help get your transformation underway?

Whether you are struggling with outdated payment systems, inefficient administration systems, or something else, the aim of Application Transformation is to make life easier for your organization’s employees and the ultimate end users.

At NNIT, we have the necessary depth in our technological toolbox and breadth of expertise to ensure a successful transformation.

The internal relationship between your employees and our team is key in the transformation phase. We therefore always assemble a set team around the customer and dedicate the necessary resources. A strong partnership is needed in order to get close to the processes and daily operations, so we understand where the challenges lie and can innovate the best solutions together.

Whether you are a government agency, a life sciences company, or operate in a totally different sector, we have the right specialists to meet your challenges. We have many years of experience with transformation projects in a number of sectors, so we can assemble a team with sector-specific knowledge. This achieves the perfect combination of professionalism, knowledge, and technical ability.