Accelerate your digital transformation with low-code

Digitalization is booming, with rapidly changing needs making it difficult to keep up with developments. A truly agile setup is needed, with lots of flexibility to stay at the head of the pack, which is just what a low-code platform has to offer.

Digital transformation is moving at breakneck speed, making high demands of organizations in every industry sector if they are to stand any chance of staying ahead of the pack.
Software lifetimes are shrinking rapidly, and it’s no longer financially viable to spend years developing an IT solution that’s almost outdated even before it can be used. The need to accelerate software development has never been more acute than now.

Boost IT development with low-code

You may be a growing private business that needs to expand its existing IT infrastructure with new applications. You may also be part of a public sector authority with overloaded systems in desperate need of optimization. Perhaps you’re even working in the supply industry and need the right digital setup for app development. Or maybe you have another requirement entirely that requires agile software. No matter what industry, sector or market your organization operates in, low-code has enormous potential to accelerate your digital transformation and boost your digital future.

What is low-code?

Low-code consists of standardized templates and modules that can be quickly and easily combined into intuitive and modern systems.

At NNIT we have chosen to work with the highly advanced application platform OutSystems that is designed to enhance the development of applications and IT solutions. The platform gives you more software for your resources. OutSystems makes it possible to build new solutions and applications, and to modernize existing systems to bring them up to date and able to meet your needs.

OutSystems is built on low-code technology to enhance your digital building blocks and expand the possibilities. Low-code building blocks are made up of standardized templates and modules that can be effortlessly and swiftly integrated to create modern and user-friendly systems. And should you have any specific or special needs, it’s possible to customize an individual block able to supplement the pre-defined ones. In contrast to native code, in which solutions are coded from scratch, OutSystems’ low-code model saves time, giving users a digital edge when it comes to achieving faster time-to-market with quality-assured IT solutions.

Why OutSystems?

In a world in which digital transformation is advancing on all fronts, staying on the ball is essential if you’re not to be left behind.

OutSystems makes it possible to accelerate development, build new applications, or enhance existing IT solutions simply and efficiently. And the process from idea development to construction and maintenance can be managed close to the core business and line of business.

Thanks to its simple construction, OutSystems is an agile, user-friendly platform that does not necessarily need highly-qualified IT skills, but can be implemented by IT-savvy employees with a digital mindset. That opens up unique ways of expanding and developing IT systems with your personnel, to ensure rapid implementation and the best possible support for the organization. It also makes it possible to shift some of the development work out to smaller digitization units, which otherwise tends to pile up in the IT Department. The result is an acceleration of the digital transformation, because the development of new applications is more widely distributed, avoiding delaying your projects due to shortage of resources and the need to prioritize.

If your organization faces one or more of the challenges below, low-code could be the solution:

  • You have more need for rapid time-to-market due to changes in business needs or new legislation
  • You need to acutely modernize your IT portfolio and accelerate the development of new software
  • You have a heavy technical backlog in the form of legacy systems inhibiting the development of your existing IT architecture
  • You need cohesion between existing applications
  • You need a scalable solution, but don’t have the necessary resources to develop new applications from scratch.

Certified Training Partner for OutSystems Low-code

NNIT is the first certified training partner for the OutSystems low-code platform in Denmark. NNIT has more than 25 developers and consultants already working on large low-code projects with several customers in both the public and enterprise sectors in Denmark.

How would NNIT work with low-code and OutSystems?

Working with low-code is an intuitive and simple process in many ways. Nevertheless, it may well be an advantage to have an experienced partner such as NNIT on board to ensure you exploit the full potential.

As an OutSystems partner, we have the resources to take small tasks and complex projects to the next level. We work closely with the team behind the platform, and our OutSystems-certified employees have direct access to the experts behind the system. That means confidence working with the platform and a wide range of customer deliverables.

Regardless of whether you want to take responsibility yourself and build in-house skills, or leave it to us with you as product owner, we’re ready to help. The main thing is choosing the model that’s best for your organization, resources, and needs.

Ready to make the decision, shift gear, and accelerate your digital transformation with low-code? Let us pave the way.