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Your Veeva applications will keep evolving – make sure your business keeps up

During recent years SaaS solutions like Veeva have made their entry and are now dominant players in the IT landscape. For life sciences organizations this means recognizing that focus needs to shift from IT as an isolated entity to IT as a strengthening component of your business as a whole.

Over the years NNIT has helped numerous businesses adopt SaaS services like Veeva and experienced first-hand how it transforms the dynamic between IT and the rest of the business. Whereas IT solutions and programs were previously chosen and purchased by the IT department, what we are seeing now is a shift in who makes the decisions regarding IT. IT is no longer purchased solely with an eye on function and features.

Today, specific business needs and processes are often the main drivers behind purchases of applications like the various Veeva Vault suites. And often these applications are critical for the ability of your Quality, Regulatory or Clinical staff to do their jobs. So, not only are SaaS solutions like Veeva here to stay, but they are also increasingly vital to your business.

The journey continues after go-live

Veeva are known to push the agile agenda and they present new customer releases six times per year. The solution you buy in year 0 will therefore be vastly different from the solution you have in year 2. So, to continuously take full advantage of the ever-evolving abilities of Veeva, you need to look at standardization and make sure that you map your business processes according to the new features of Veeva.

Therefore, you need to maintain a close connection to the business in order to identify how changes to Veeva's applications impact your business processes, integrations and validation. While you can usually afford to offshore tech support, when it comes to business advisory, close proximity and a strong understanding of industry-specific issues like GxP is usually worth investing in. 

For each Veeva application suite, e.g. Clinical, Quality or RIM; you need a set of specialized experts who can ensure that your business roadmaps merge with Veeva's release roadmap. This in turn will allow you to adopt new features faster in the long run because your business develops with Veeva.

With NNIT as your partner on Veeva, you'll get unrivaled running support and advisory services. We are experts within the life sciences industry and our extensive experience with GxP enables us to guide you every step of the way, which means you can keep your focus exactly where it needs to be: on your business.