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Exploit your digital potential for a more sustainable organization

NNIT Expectation Barometer 2022

The sustainable organization in a digital perspective

Sustainability is higher on the agenda than ever, and has come into increasing focus at board level all over the world. It can’t be simply reduced to environmental and climate issues, because sustainable development is also about making better use of resources, new business models, equality, new ways of structuring the way we work, and much more.

But how can you build a sustainable organization able to drive growth and innovation through digitization while still ensuring resilience, which is totally essential in times when no one knows when the next disruption will come – and what it will be?

It requires the right mix of technologies, skills, structures, and priorities.

So, how sustainable is your organization from a digital perspective?

Take the test and get:

  • Your overall score
  • Your Benchmark Map
  • Insight into where you stand out from the crowd
  • Recommendations for going to the next level
  • 7 “behind the scenes” cases with digital leaders from B&O, Arla, AJ Vaccines, Danish Crown, Lundbeck, Orifarm and COWI


Benchmark your business

Your Benchmark Map shows three parameters:

  • Sustainability & Resilience
  • Growth & Opportunity
  • Talent & New Ways of Working


You will be benchmarked against the other participants in the test and against selected digital leaders from global companies.

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Where do you stand out?

Are you curious to know if there are questions where your company differs from the crowd? We show you where you answer differently than most – whether you are ahead or if you have something to catch up with.

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Learn from 7 selected CIOs

By taking the test you will unlock access to exclusive cases featuring insights from 7 selected digital leaders across industries: Lundbeck, B&O, Arla, AJ Vaccines, Danish Crown, Orifarm, and COWI.