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Mixed Reality: Break down physical barriers with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

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During and after COVID-19 remote work and digital forms of collaboration have become the new normal at the modern workplace. But even though virtual meetings and document sharing in the Cloud are easing the workload in many businesses, some tasks might be difficult to solve without physical presence e.g.: breakdown on a production line, ad-hoc support on remote platforms such as wind turbines, oil rigs etc., logistical challenges, and the lack of insight in and access to secure production environments.

Because of the last few years, where less travelling and limited physical contact for long periods of time have been the rule, the demand for Mixed Reality has accelerated significantly. Particularly in production, life sciences, logistics, health, and other regulated sectors, the technology has proven to create great value.

Mixed Reality is often used to provide remote support, what we in NNIT call Remote Inspection, where an employee can get help from an expert who is able to see and interact with the same environment as the employee from a distance and thereby solve the problems as soon as they arise.

Key takeaways

In this webinar we will focus on the Remote Inspection Service that breaks down physical barriers and enable you to maintain work progress and efficiency and strengthen collaboration in your organization.

In the webinar you’ll hear more about: 

1) The technology: What is Mixed Reality? And how can it be beneficial for you and your organization?
2) References: With case examples we will take you through the implementation of Remote Inspection from concept to execution.
3) Benefits of Mixed Reality: The benefits of using Mixed Reality are manifold. We will highlight some of the major benefits including but not limited to the environmental impacts.