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Remote Inspection: Live support from a distance strengthens collaboration and increases productivity

With Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, employees will be able to receive visual remote support and guided inspection, thus making it easy to solve specific problems as soon as they arise. The purpose is to increase productivity, strengthen collaboration and reap the benefits from digital transition.

After COVID-19, many organizations have expanded their toolbox with new, digital forms of collaboration required to keep the business going during times when travel restrictions and lockdowns have made physical collaboration difficult.

However, in particular businesses in the production, healthcare, logistics, and life sciences sectors have struggled to keep business as usual since neither virtual meetings nor cloud-based collaboration can resolve the many challenges they are typically facing: Breakdowns or failures on a production line, lack of insight into or access to secure production environments, and logistic challenges.

A common characteristic of these challenges is that they often cannot be resolved without key employees being physically present. But with Remote Inspection, the physical barriers are broken down and an otherwise limited resource is made globally available, enabling you to maintain work progress and efficiency.

Read more about the three major advantages of using Remote Inspection:

1) From breakdown to progress
2) Green benefits
3) Fast training – secure operation.

From breakdown to progress

With the Microsoft Remote Assist software and the HoloLens glasses hardware, remote work has never been easier.

Let your employees loose in a world of digital and physical objects that coexist side by side. Put on the glasses, share what you see with a colleague or an expert, and get the necessary help or inspection exactly when you need it while you have your hands free to do the work.

With Remote Inspection you can streamline and accelerate your processes, minimize errors, maintain business continuity, and reduce unnecessary transport and traveling activities.

Green benefits

Remote Inspection is not just a useful tool when it comes to remote inspections and flexible models of collaboration. There are also countless sustainability benefits.

On behalf of Microsoft, Forrester Consulting has examined the potential ROI that organizations are able to realize by means of the Mixed Reality technology and the Microsoft HoloLens. Among other things, the survey shows that Mixed Reality has helped the surveyed businesses to reduce the environmental impact by cutting unnecessary travels, minimizing waste at production shutdowns, and reducing the number of extra procedures in connection with errors.

In addition, many organizations will be able to reduce the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In health services and in clinical areas in the life sciences sector, in particular, disposable garments and equipment must typically be worn. But because Remote Inspection makes it possible for people to participate from a distance, it will be possible to cut down on everything from safety goggles and hair nets to safety suits and face masks.

With Remote Inspection it will be easier to contribute to the organization’s targets and ambitions for sustainability.

Mixed Reality (MR) is a combination of virtual and physical objects that coexist and interact with each other. MR is often confused with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Where VR surrounds the user in a digital world through VR glasses, AR displays – just as MR – digital elements through the physical world on a smartphone or a tablet thereby limiting interaction with the digital objects. MR differs significantly from AR by its ability to interact with digital subjects in 3D as if they were physical objects.

Read more here.

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Fast training – safe operation

In the beginning, new technology will always be unknown and unfamiliar and it will require some getting used to and patience to adapt new tools in the organization.

Fortunately, the HoloLens glasses and the Remote Assist application are both user-friendly and intuitive to use, and after just one hour of training, you will be able to use both the software and the hardware.

The user-friendliness is not least achieved by having almost the same user interface and software functions as Microsoft Teams. If you are used to working in Teams, you will therefore already be familiar with most of the functions. You do not have to be especially tech-savvy in order to benefit from Remote Inspection.

In addition, the Remote Inspection tool is very secure and allows you to easily manage and control which data are to be shared and stored. It works in the same way as when you control and protect an ordinary PC. The tool runs on the Windows operating system, and the systems and related terminology are therefore similar to those used on Windows PCs.

NNIT will help you to get started

Do you often end up in situations where inflexible procedures and lack of specialist knowledge stop progress and the development of your organization? NNIT has a dedicated team that works exclusively with Remote Inspection and Mixed Reality. We are therefore able to offer a wide range of services that give you the best conditions for success with the technology – whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.

We offer among other things:

Read more about Mixed Reality and how NNIT approaches the task or contact us if you need help with the development, operation, or provision of advice for your Remote Inspection setup in order to achieve the best results from the technology.