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Remote Supplier Audit Service: Agile remote auditing strengthens companies’ license to operate

With NNIT’s Remote Supplier Audit Service, you can conduct remote audits of your suppliers using Mixed Reality technology. The benefits are increased flexibility, higher quality, and increased competitiveness.

For companies in the manufacturing and life sciences industries, auditing is a fixed part of everyday life. They must continuously ensure that their suppliers comply with all applicable quality and safety requirements, so that they can produce and handle goods in an orderly and secure manner.

Auditing is thus necessary to keep the production line running. But it also involves comprehensive, time-consuming, and resource-intensive procedures that can quickly put a stop to operations if the auditing is not performed within the set timeframe.

However, remote auditing can now be conducted, thanks to cutting-edge Mixed Reality technology.

It is flexible. It is time-saving. It is the future.

Auditing in digital clothing

With NNIT’s Remote Supplier Audit Service, auditing can be conducted in a digital format – anywhere, anytime.

Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist software and the Microsoft HoloLens hardware, the auditor and the audit team can monitor the audit on a screen from an external location anywhere in the world, while the auditor provides detailed instructions and inspects the supplier, who wears HoloLens smart glasses and shows the auditor and audit team around the production environment.

During the audit, both parties are presented with a series of diagrams, images, and various holographic instructions in real-time that contribute valuable information and increase the quality and control of the auditing work.

Remote digital auditing has numerous benefits, including:

  • streamlined auditing procedures
  • fewer unnecessary transport and travel activities – with a resulting reduction in carbon emissions
  • maintenance of operational continuity
  • flexible procedures across time and place
  • increased competitiveness due to fast progress and quicker response times.

The HoloLens smart glasses and the Remote Assist application are user-friendly and intuitive to use, and after just a single hour of training, you will be able to use both software and hardware. The user-friendliness is not least achieved by the user interface and software features being almost the same as those of Microsoft Teams. If you are used to working in Teams, you will therefore already be familiar with most of the features.

Mixed Reality (MR) is a combination of virtual and physical objects that coexist and interact with each other. MR is often confused with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Where VR surrounds the user in a digital world through VR glasses, AR displays – just as MR – digital elements through the physical world on a smartphone or a tablet thereby limiting interaction with the digital objects. MR differs significantly from AR by its ability to interact with digital subjects in 3D as if they were physical objects.

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How does NNIT approach the task?

With NNIT’s Remote Supplier Audit Service, we not only help you get started using Mixed Reality technology; we offer a package solution involving all key stakeholders and ensuring that the solution rests on a stable foundation in precisely your organization.

The service consists of four steps, which can be customized based on individual requirements and wishes:

1) Preparation: We send the HoloLens equipment to your supplier and train all relevant parties in your and the supplier’s organization, so that everyone is comfortable with and confident in using both software and hardware.

2) Auditing: NNIT’s specialists are ready to provide support throughout the auditing if challenges or questions arise during the process.

3) Conclusion: The auditing is concluded, and the supplier returns the equipment to us.

4) Evaluation: Together, we gather all experiences and share valuable dos and don’ts in an evaluation session.

The DIY model: Mixed Reality as a Service

If you prefer to handle all the work on your own, we also offer rental of Microsoft HoloLens devices at just one day’s notice.

You avoid having to invest in the equipment yourself, and we make sure that both hardware and software are up to date and configured in a secure setup. Avoid expensive security assessments and implementations until you know whether the technology is even relevant and valuable for you.

We also offer: 

We are ready. Are you?

Do you find that inflexible procedures hamper the progress and development of your organization in connection with auditing? NNIT has a dedicated team that works exclusively with remote auditing and Mixed Reality. We are therefore able to offer a wide range of services that give you the best conditions for success with the technology – whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.

Please contact us if you need help with development, operation, or advice regarding your MR setup to achieve the best results from the technology.