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Compliance Solutions

Take compliance to the next level with NNIT Compliance Solutions

Take compliance to the next level with NNIT Compliance Solutions

Empower your business to stay ahead of regulatory challenges and achieve compliance excellence with NNIT's comprehensive suite of innovative and reliable compliance solutions.

The life sciences industry is rapidly embracing technology, moving away from paper-based systems, and taking advantage of digital opportunities. The area of compliance is no exception.

Ongoing technological advancements and the growing acceptance of technology to execute tasks and maintaining documented evidence are poised to revolutionize the way compliance is perceived in the future.

However, frequent innovations and updates of critical applications are making compliance with regulatory requirements increasingly challenging.

Stay ahead

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial for any industry to implement effective and compliant validation and testing in any digital system.

For over 20 years, NNIT has consistently provided compliance solutions to innovative businesses in the life sciences industry. Our roots are firmly planted in the pharmaceutical industry, giving us unique insights to understand the requirements of our clients.

What we offer

NNIT provides cutting-edge technologies that adhere to industry-leading processes and best practices, with expert advisors and consultants ready to drive your business to new heights.

We have a comprehensive grasp of regulatory requirements, coupled with extensive knowledge of the business domain, technical proficiency, and a strong commitment to quality. Whether you require guidance in formulating your future Digital Compliance strategy, assistance in implementing new technologies, or consultancy services, we offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

Our compliance services are specifically designed to assist life sciences companies to scale and expand their validation and test coverage and cadence.

Some of our compliance services include:

  • Digital validation: Fully implemented digital validation gives you a holistic view of the entire validation process, improving efficiency, reducing risks and cutting costs.
  • Test & test automation: A low-code and fully GxP-validated and regulatory-compliant test automation platform built on automation principles and best practices.
  • Document management: This is a key component in optimizing validation and testing.
  • Quality assurance: Delivered in modules, this service enables you to choose your own desired starting point of the CSA transformation journey.
  • Audits and inspection: This service is your best guarantee for achieving business excellence and passing post-validation FDA and EMA audits and inspections.