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Audits and Inspection Services

Comprehensive compliance that helps you achieve business excellence

Regular audits and inspections are key to evaluating a business's efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards. These activities are crucial for identifying and addressing potential flaws, enhancing operations, and maintaining validated states of operational GxP systems and infrastructure.

NNIT’s Audits and Inspection Services are your best guarantee for achieving business excellence and passing post-validation FDA and EMA audits and inspections.


Challenges Addressed:

  • Compliance Gaps: Without regular audits and inspections, areas where compliance is lacking can be difficult to identify and mitigate.
  • Certification Maintenance: Internal and external audits can help obtain and maintain certifications from accreditation bodies and governing authorities.
  • Low Organizational Efficiency: During day-to-day operation, it can be hard to spot flawed processes and areas in need of improvement.


Our Solution:
NNIT’s Audits and Inspection Services provide a comprehensive approach, ensuring that your business not only meets but excels in regulatory compliance and operational efficiency:

  • Broad Audit Focus: Covering areas like QMS Compliance, ISO standards, and Sarbanes-Oxley standards.
  • Customized Audit Services: Including compliance audits, IT process compliance audits, support for internal audits, and vendor assessments.
  • Flexible Audit Execution: Audits can be planned and executed On-site, Remote, or as a Digital Audit for limited/restricted areas.
  • Comprehensive Inspection Services: Focusing on IT periodic system compliance evaluations, documentation, reporting, and management.



  • Enhanced Business Operations: Ensure that your businesses operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Identify and address compliance gaps, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.
  • Maintaining GxP Validation: Ensure that your GxP systems and infrastructure remain in a validated state through regular inspections.

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