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Organizational Change Management

People are the lifeblood of any organization

Every organization is made up of humans. They are the heart and soul of it and are responsible for its success. As an organization changes and evolves to survive and thrive, its people need to as well. Organizational Change Management (OCM) holistically supports the organization and its people to ensure the easiest, most efficient, effective, and successful change. In these ever-busier times, both the organization and its people need and deserve the right kind of support to enable them to evolve successfully in tandem and truly benefit from the large investments in technological, organizational, operating models, or other change.

Three Areas of Organizational Change Management

OCM generally consists of three critical focus areas: Change Analysis, Communications & Engagement, and Training. Combining these seamlessly is the key to successfully achieving the change or evolution your organization needs and wants. NNIT has deep experience and unique strategies and tools in all three areas.

NNIT’s approach enhances the industry-standard OCM methodology by Prosci

All our OCM consultants are Prosci certified. We adept at using the Prosci ADKAR© Model and bring many years of practical and pragmatic experience in applying the framework to successfully manage change. We have combined our skills, knowledge and industry expertise in a wide range of strategic programs and projects to lead and manage change across the Life Sciences industry.

NNIT’s change approach and how we add value for our Life Sciences clients

NNIT understands the nuances and challenges of change well, particularly in the Life Sciences field. We understand the people, the business, and the organizational goals within the industry and tailor our approach accordingly.

Our passionate consultants are highly qualified and vastly experienced in consulting and in-company roles and have gathered a huge stock and range of knowledge.

We simply have the skills and knowledge that others do not possess, particularly in the areas of training and leveraging the ADKAR© model. In addition, we have a solid understanding of strategic change communications and behavioral change support. Examples of our work include the creation of tailored and specialized e-learnings, podcasting channels, and specific reinforcement/post go-live plans based on solid psychological research to cement efficient and easier change. These interventions and many more have been implemented with great success with our clients and are replicable in your project.

We are equally at ease operating in an Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid methodology and have wide experience in each. Whatever the challenge, we are confident that we will be able to create a solution.

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Our OCM offering can be tailored to fit the needs of your people, organization, and the type of change you are planning. OCM as a service can be offered in tandem with an existing IT project or as a stand-alone service, always tailored to your needs.

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