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GxP Compliant Document Management

Reap the full benefits of digital document management

Reap the full benefits of digital document management.

Document Management is crucial in the optimization of validation and testing processes, especially in regulated industries, where compliance and efficiency are vital.

NNIT’s GxP compliant Document Management service offers a sophisticated approach to managing documents, ensuring GxP compliance and transforming them into tools that drive efficiency and success in your business operations.


Challenges Addressed:

  • Inefficient Validation and Test Planning: Overcome the complexity of efficiently planning and scoping validation and testing in a Veeva Vault environment.
  • Agile Validation and Testing Challenges: Iterative changes to user requirements and user stories in agile settings often lead to an increased work burden and frequent adjustments.
  • Lack of Structured Framework: Find a solution for the absence of a validation and test framework.
  • Paper-Based Documentation: With no existing templates for reuse, documentation on paper is inferior to digital documentation.


Our Solution:
NNIT's GxP Compliant Document Management service leverages the power of Veeva Vaults to offer an integrated, efficient approach to document management in validation and testing:

  • Expertise in Veeva Vault QualityDocs: NNIT's Quality Solutions practice, in partnership with Veeva, offers comprehensive advisory and support in selecting and implementing Veeva Vault QualityDocs as your Document Management System.
  • Tailor-Made Framework: Validation and Test framework based on proven concepts and standard templates.
  • Test Automation and Manual Testing: Offering Test Automation for agile, iterative, and fast User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Performance Qualification (PQ) execution, while also supporting manual testing.



  • 1st Veeva Premiere Services Partner: As a leading Veeva Service Provider, NNIT brings a deep business understanding across R&D domains and an extensive track record within all Veeva Vaults.
  • Deep Industry Experience: Our Compliance Solutions practice possesses extensive experience in Regulatory Affairs, Quality, and Clinical domains, along with in-depth Veeva application knowledge.
  • Proven, Scalable Framework: A scalable framework perfected over many years, applicable to all Veeva Vault implementation projects.

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