Energy & Utilities

Digital shortcuts for higher productivity

There are many digital shortcuts to higher productivity for utilities. For example, using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to support field service. Or by allowing robotic process automation (RPA) to take care of routine tasks, thus freeing up both time and resources for more value-adding activities.

Better service with mixed reality
Advances in VR and AR have the potential to fundamentally change training, education and service work in the utilities sector. VR technology, for example, can replace impaired SOPs and provide the technician in the field with a visual guide to performing the service work.

An example is this VR Field Service solution that NNIT's partner, Virsabi, built for MAN Energy Solutions. Here, a special visor gives the technician precise instructions on servicing a diesel engine, and at the same time frees up both hands to do the job.

NNIT and our partners, Microsoft, Virsabi and Delegate, can advise you on how VR and AR can be used to create value in your particular business, and get you through the entire process from idea development to finished prototype.

Automate and streamline with RPA
For many utilities, there are multitudes of procedures and processes that can be fully or partially automated. By applying RPA, employees can make time for other tasks that both create more value for the business and provide higher job satisfaction.

NNIT and our partners, UiPath and 2021.AI, can help you identify the areas of your business with the greatest potential benefit to be gained by implementing RPA. We can advise you at a strategic level, conduct proof-of-concept pilot studies, evaluate the potential and make recommendations on technology and platform selection.