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Energy & Utilities

Stable supply and forward-looking changes

The challenges and opportunities of the energy and utility sector 

As suppliers of vital services, utilities need to strike the right balance between stable supply and forward-looking changes.

In this sector, digital transformation is focused on three key business areas:

  • The customer experience in the form of simpler and more intuitive interaction, personalized communication and real-time transactions.
  • The infrastructure in the form of optimized use of new technology and more proactive, transparent and controlled operation and maintenance of the supply network.
  • Business and operation in the form of better use of data, increased productivity, efficiency and automation.

We have a holistic approach to the sector of energy & utilities
With NNIT, your utility company gets a partner with great understanding of the industry's particular needs and challenges. Instead of focusing on individual components and solutions, we take an expansive approach based on your particular business.

We can help you achieve high security, compliance and stability in the systems and processes critical to your business. At the same time, we have the insight and experience to guide you on your journey towards digital transformation that will enable you to meet the future goals of productivity, customer satisfaction and sustainability.

With NNIT as a partner, you can deliver your core services in a stable and secure manner while driving business development – which is the key to success in the long run. Together with our partners, we have many years of experience in operating, maintaining and developing business-critical IT.

Our experts have all the right prerequisites to ensure that your digital development runs on track and at the right pace. In recent years, our commitment to the utility and energy sector has grown steadily and we are always ready to help new customers.

We are more than just digital experts – we are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential through digital transformation and innovation.

Insight first – then change
The right guidance requires analysis, overview and business understanding. That is why the first step in a collaboration with NNIT is always to take a thorough look at your existing business, systems and infrastructure. The insights we collectively reach allow us to identify development potential and form the basis for any recommendations of solutions we make.