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Energy & Utilities

Achieve safe, stable and efficient operation with the right tools and services

A well-functioning daily operation is the alpha and omega of a energy and utility company. Therefore, it is also the basis of NNIT's approach to working with customers in the energy andutility sector.
We have the tools and services to help you keep your business secure, stable and efficient.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
There are great benefits to be gained by pooling your CRM and ERP into one intelligent, cloud-based platform. At NNIT, we are experts in both Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365. We will not only get you safely up and running on D365, but we will also provide consulting and take care of operation, maintenance and development as long as you need it.

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Hybrid Cloud
With its flexibility, speed and raw computing power, Cloud has become an invaluable part of most companies' IT landscape. However, organizations still need to balance digital innovation and transformation with the maintenance and operation of existing IT infrastructure and business applications in a secure, reliable and compatible way.

Hybrid Cloud is the answer to this challenge. At NNIT, we have the insight, experience and expertise to help your organization strike the right balance between on-premise and Cloud.

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Security and compliance
The energy and utility sector faces unprecedented challenges in terms of security and compliance. As a sector critical to society, utilities are particularly vulnerable to becoming targets of cybercrime. At the same time, the sector is constantly subject to new regulatory and compliance requirements.

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At NNIT, we have both deep insight into security and compliance requirements specific to the energy and utility sector and the ability to provide end-to-end security solutions and guidance, whether your security department consists of one person or fifty.

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Pervasive integration
Comprehensive integration is a prerequisite for digital transformation. It is crucial that all systems, databases and applications are intelligently connected and operating safely.

In addition to managing and improving your existing IT ecosystem, it is crucial to ensure that it also supports innovation.

We at NNIT are ready to help with this.

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