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Energy & Utilities

Digital transformation - focusing on operations, compliance and safety

The digital era offers a wealth of opportunities within the energy and utility sector. At NNIT, we can help you identify, prioritize and realize those opportunities – without having to compromise on security, compliance or reliability.

Strengthen the customer experience
With digital tools like AI, machine learning and Dynamics 365 CE, you can take customer interaction to a whole new level. Introduce your customers to intuitive self-service solutions, anticipate their artificial intelligence needs and challenges, and gather all relevant data across the entire organization into one cloud-based platform.

How to strengthen the customer experience.

Enhance productivity
There are many digital shortcuts to higher productivity. For example, using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to support field service work. Or by letting robotic process automation take care of routine tasks, thus freeing up both time and resources for more value-adding activities.

How to enhance productivity.

Make better decisions with data
Most utilities have mountains of valuable data, but to utilize it optimally, adjustments to mindsets, procedures and tools are required. With Scale Data Science, we at NNIT have gathered all the necessary skills to help you make better data-driven decisions.

How to utilize the date optimally.