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Consumer products

Agile IT solutions pave the way for innovative product development in the industry of consumer products

Manufacturers of consumer products operate in a crowded market, and never before has global competition been so tough. Digitalization is a natural part of the journey towards being competitive on the big stage.

Manufacturers in the consumer products industry are to a greater extent having to deliver and optimize on parameters such as higher productivity, faster time to market (TTM), and more personalized products for more demanding consumers. In the optimization race, there is money to be saved by streamlining, standardizing, and digitizing the organization, which calls for better IT support.

Agile innovation in product development
As a manufacturer of consumer products, you strive never to stand still and are constantly improving and developing new products. It requires agile product and business development to hit the spot with consumers whose needs and buying patterns are constantly changing. With an intelligent and agile setup in production, you can become more productive, get consumer products to market faster, and possibly reduce your costs.

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Rethink your supply chain with IoT, blockchain, RPA and AI. For example, you can employ image recognition in production to assess quality or you can invest in extracting customer data that allows you to deliver products precisely targeted to the consumer.

Efficient distribution
When you produce fast moving consumer products (FMCG), such as foods that need to be ready in the refrigerator the next morning, efficient distribution is the key to success. The distribution puzzle only gets solved when your digital setup allows the various IT systems to communicate with one another. For example, when your trucks know exactly where and when to load and unload. The result? You provide optimal delivery to the supermarkets, keeping their shelves continuously stocked with your goods.

Security of supply
We know that security of supply is essential for your production to run non-stop. Downtime in production is expensive and can threaten the entire business. Therefore, we increasingly see that manufacturing companies are investing in infrastructure that can share data freely and ensure a stable business.

Cloud solutions are a natural part of the answer. And manufacturers are optimizing their processes by moving completely or partially into the Cloud.

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