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Power up your business processes with Power Platform

Your initiatives can be realized in record time by accelerating the digital transformation with Microsoft Power Platform. Your personnel can develop apps and digital services for everything from major business-critical requirements to minor administrative jobs, internally or externally. In line with your own requirements. And on your own terms.

Despite IT and digital solutions becoming a permanent part of modern day business, many companies within life sciences and the manufacturing industry still struggle with the question of becoming fully digitized. While some of them are still stuck with legacy or manual systems, others have problems with uncertain IT security and a scarcity of resources for the maintenance and development of their IT landscape.

Because IT departments have to meet growing demands for digital development, there’s plenty of potential in powering up every level of your business, especially those that affect your competitiveness and the way you run and manage your organization.

This is where Power Platform comes into the picture.

A Succesful Low Code Strategy Model

What is Power Platform?

Convert urgent needs and good ideas into tools you can use to digitize procedures and create value for the business. That’s the concept behind the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform, designed to make it possible to develop a complete range of apps and IT solutions that are streamlined and secure. The benefits are efficient business development, rapid time-to-market, and relief for the IT Department, allowing various business units to develop their own solutions for their own needs.

Power Platform consists of nine different tools that can be used and combined according to requirements.


  1. Power BI: Gather knowledge and data to identify business opportunities at a detailed and high level

  2. Power Apps: Convert knowledge into apps and solutions

  3. Power Apps Mobile: Adapt your apps for mobile devices

  4. Power Apps Portals: Mix data from various apps (internal and external)

  5. AI Builder: Use artificial intelligence to develop pre-defined “point & click” models

  6. Power Automate: Bind your solutions together and automate business processes

  7. Power Virtual Agents: Build AI-powered bots for a range of support requests

  8. Power Pages: Design and publish websites able to run across a range of devices and browsers

  9. Microsoft Dataverse: Store and process your app data securely and in one location

Power Platform is what’s known as a low code tool, designed to enable non-IT Department personnel to use it. That shifts responsibility to the departments with a need, and frees up IT personnel to concentrate on the jobs only their expertise can tackle, without compromising security and compliance.

Why Power Platform?

There are many good reasons why businesses within the manufacturing and life sciences industries ought to use Power Platform.

Some are struggling with a lack of control and uncertain production lines, where Power Platform could bring together legacy systems and new digital solutions into a single flow able to provide overview, compliance, and control over security and access procedures. Others need to give up the old faithful Excel spreadsheet and manual data entry, and start using more tracking, electronic handshakes, and automated processes that will drastically cut the number of keyboard errors while boosting efficiency and precision. And then there are businesses that need to test new tools and combine Power Platform with new technologies such as Mixed Reality and AI.

Regardless of which category you fall into, your manufacturing or life sciences business can gain the following benefits from Power Platform:

1. Customized solutions for unique needs: Power Platform lets you customize apps and solutions right down to organization, customer, and department level to support existing and new procedures.

2. Exploit synergies: Identify and meet different requirements in one go. Power Platform automatically couples solutions together, letting you make the most of synergy and economies of scale arising from pooling problems and solving them in the most integrated and efficient manner possible.

3. Connect your systems: Power Platform is an open-ended solution that can be connected to almost all applications – including those outside Microsoft’s ecosystem. If your application landscape consists of solutions from Veeva and SAP for example, the systems will automatically communicate, permitting a smooth, problem-free data flow.

4. Meet GxP requirements: Power Platform is reliable and therefore ideal for GxP processes that ensure your products meet quality and security requirements, along with any regulatory measures you are subject to.

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How NNIT works

NNIT has a highly-specialized full-stack team of experienced developers, techno-functional consultants, and architects. We’ve completed over 50 use cases across industry sectors, and combined with our structured methodology and dedicated industry experts within life sciences, we can offer a unique match.

We already know your business processes and legacy issues. We’ve analyzed the sector’s requirements. And we know the best and smartest way for you to exploit technology to take your business to the next level.

That’s why we can offer a wide range of services to ensure your success with Power Platform – whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user of the technology.