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Annual data privacy planning cycle: Systemize your company’s GDPR tasks to avoid compliance risk

Ensuring that your company always meets its GDPR requirements can be quite a handful. But there can be extensive consequences for failing to control your operational compliance. With a annual GDPR planning cycle, you get the overview you need to ensure and systemize your compliance and avoid compliance risk.

Requirements for evaluations, controls, documentation and much more. There are many tasks to keep track of when it comes to GDPR compliance and ensuring that your company constantly meets current laws, regulations and standards in order to ensure digital privacy and avoid compliance risk.

GDPR compliance requires an ongoing focus by management. To ensure digital privacy, it is not enough to have processes and policies in place; you must also, on an ongoing basis, make sure that you live up to them – and document them correctly in a timely manner.

The many rules and documentation requirements can be a jungle, so it is quite normal to get lost when it comes to GDPR compliance. If you can recognize this scenario, it is likely caused by a lack of overview of what needs to be done, when and by whom.

Take action today to avoid compliance risk

Unfortunately, there are many companies that unintentionally end up slacking on operational compliance and end up falling behind on tasks and deadlines. They fail to maintain and update as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation and thereby put their compliance at risk.

Or, even worse: They deliberately deprioritize ongoing operational tasks believing that “the chances of us getting hit are small”.

But the reality is that no one can avoid hackers or simple requests for insight or deletion of personal data. Companies often fail to live up to the most basic GDPR requirements for ensuring data privacy. And you only need to glance at previous court rulings to know that compliance risk can be a costly affair.

The worst thing you can do when compliance feels like climbing an immense mountain of documentation and control is to doing nothing at all. The question is, how are you going to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis and avoid compliance risk? The answer is annual data privacy planning cycle.

Regulatory compliance is about obeying the applicable laws, rules and standards.

To ensure data privacy compliance you must fulfill all legal requirements, regardless of sector or the markets you operate on. That requires you knowing and understanding which specific policies, rules and documentation requirements apply, and what they mean for your organization and its business.

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Improve compliance management

To put it shortly, an annual planning cycle is a way of systemizing your compliance and is a great tool for compliance management. The annual planning cycle consists of the themes and tasks your company is obliged to carry out over the course of one year. An annual planning cycle will help you ensure data privacy compliance.

An annual planning cycle gives you:

  • A complete overview of the tasks you need to complete and when
  • Better control with deadlines
  • A clear overview of roles and responsibilities
  • Better control of operational compliance

At NNIT, our regulatory compliance specialists are ready to help implement an annual planning cycle at your company. We approach the task by taking a 360-degree look at your organization and then facilitating the process from A to Z. By doing so, you receive an annual GDPR planning cycle that covers everything.

Our consultants have extensive experience with compliance solutions across different industries and markets. This means we can always base the solution on your industry and the exact requirements and rules relevant to it.

Would you like our help to improve your compliance management?

Do you also feel burdened by having to keep up with the controls, reviews and documentation needed to ensure compliance? Do you need help mapping which tasks to conduct and when? In that case, NNIT’s compliance experts are here to help.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us today so we can discuss how best help implement an annual GDPR planning cycle at your organization.