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NNIT runs on people power. Together, we make the NNIT wheels spin, working in all time zones for customers around the world.

Meet some of our colleagues and learn about their journey at NNIT. 

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”It is always a joy for a technical person to have new challenges and work with very skilled colleagues across multiple technologies. I also love the degree of autonomy very much because your manager allows you to innovate and always listen to new ideas. If you like to work in an environment where your managers trust your technical skills and listen to your advice, then NNIT is the place for you to be.” - David Jasek, Cloud Engineer in NNIT, joined NNIT in 2016
GSDH Umbraco
“As a member of the Young Professional Community, I’ve been able to develop interesting and relevant skills that were not a perquisite to my current job. I’ve learned how important it is to take the lead on initiatives if you wish to make a positive change. Finally, I get energized by interacting with highly motivated, inspirational and likeminded peers.” - Gursewak Singh Dhaliwal, Consultant in NNIT
“I’m pleased that I got the chance to participate in NNIT DYLP during 2020. I learned a lot about my personal strengths and how to handle conflicts in a team. One of my favorite sessions in the program was the manager role play, where we were faced with a typical team conflict and we had to take on the role as a manager and solve the conflict." - Camilla Krabbe Kongsted Christensen, Line Manager at NNIT, joined NNIT's DYLP (Discover Your Leadership Potential) Program
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“It is a great honor to be part of Club One, especially because it was my colleagues that nominated me. Club One is a great initiative, as it gives the opportunity to also recognize employees for being a good team-member making a difference for others. Being part of Club One has generated a great network across NNIT, and I have enjoyed discussing relevant topics with colleagues with different job types, positions and experience compared to myself.” - Henriette Emborg, Senior Legal Counsel