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Senior Business Consultant in NNIT

Meet Mette Brandt

What do you do in NNIT?
As a Senior Business Consultant in NNIT, with a solid background as a Pharmaceutical Production Specialist, my role is to assist local and international customers with their digital transformation journeys, implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems in the customers’ production lines. Implementation of Manufacturing Execution Systems is often a very complicated process, which involves all levels of the customers’ organizations - from end-users on the production line, the IT department, and managers at various levels in addition to external stakeholders and suppliers.

As an Agile Lead, my primary role is to identify and understand user requirements to properly communicate this information to the software architects to ensure that the product will satisfy the customers’ needs and meet their expectations. Another part of my job is being the Organizational Change Management (OCM) Lead. A key task here is to prepare the company and promote willingness to change in order to successfully drive the digital transformation in Life Sciences companies. It is very important that the OCM Lead and the customer have aligned the vision for the project, leaving no competing initiatives, as well as set formal expectations whilst clearly communicating said expectations to ensure stakeholders’ acceptance of change and avoid discomfort and resistance of change.

How would you describe NNIT as a workplace?
When I get in to the headquarter office, I always meet co-workers and employees who seem to enjoy their work and who are proud to be part of NNIT. Despite the partly solo-ness of being a consultant, I feel privileged to have additional ‘co-worker teams’, being my project core team members in addition to my NNIT family. Although most of my time is spent with the customers, the NNIT culture ensures familiarity between co-workers by hosting get-together events, fostering a knowledge-sharing and open-door leadership culture. This culture ensures that even though the employees are mostly assigned to different projects, there is a strong sense of company-spirit, which results in a great and dedicated working environment amongst dedicated and highly qualified peers.

Any advice for anyone looking for career opportunities in your area of expertise?
If you are interested in project management, have flair for production IT, have a hunger towards acquiring new knowledge, and want to be part of the rapidly evolving digital transformation, then working in NNIT would most definitely be something for you. In NNIT, your skills will be put into good use, and you will be challenged and motivated to excel and grow professionally as well as personally.

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