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Manager in NNIT

Meet Lee Peng Li

Could you introduce yourself and explain your position in NNIT?

My name is Lee Peng Li and I have been working in NNIT for over 10 years. Today I work within Life Science and lead the CTV (Compliance, Test, and Validation) department in China.

What do you enjoy about working in NNIT?

I enjoy working here mainly because no one will limit your ideas, everyone will respect and support you. You can express your ideas, you can unleash your talents, and your work will be respected. For example, in these 10 years, my work scope has undergone tremendous changes, each time allowing me to grow and progress, which cannot be separated from the support of team members and management team. When serving local customers in China, I received help from my mentor, colleagues, and my Line Manager even Upper Manager. And working internationally with global customers means great support and collaboration with especially the DK and Czech teams.

What differentiates NNIT from other IT companies?

Due to our DNA originating from Novo Nordisk and the pharmaceutical industry, we are very professional in the field of Life Sciences. We not only have the technology, but also have people familiar with Life Science knowledge, regulations, and customer business. Everyone is talking about digitalization changing life, making life more convenient and intelligent. But we are different, we are changing human health. This is something where I think we are very different from other IT companies. We are doing something more meaningful.

Are there any specificities about your workplace in China?

I have worked in several of our offices and this year, the Shanghai branch office has moved to a new location, as more colleagues have joined us. And no matter where I am, I feel very happy because every place has a group of people who work with me to serve our customers.

What’s the best thing about your job?

My favorite thing is the company culture, which is an equal and relaxed atmosphere. After having children, I have also enjoyed the benefits of balancing life and work. Secondly, it is our company's system, with mentors leading newcomers, knowledge sharing platforms, various skills trainings. This is also an important reason why I am able to work across multiple departments and understand the business of them. Finally, as I have always said, we are ONE team, and no matter where your team members are, you always have their support and assistance.