Leading the Digital Transformation of Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Patients and healthcare providers depend on medical devices and diagnostic tools to maintain health and prevent or detect diseases. Innovation, efficiency, and compliance are simultaneous imperatives in this increasingly competitive industry. Successful companies cannot have innovation at the expense of efficiency or compliance at the expense of innovation. All three are essential.

Medical technology companies also have to work within tight budgetary constraints. Competitive organizations are evaluating their capabilities in light of their rapidly changing environment:

  • New standards are enabling greater automation.
  • Emerging regulations around the globe require new compliance efforts.
  • Innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are changing the way businesses operate.
  • Best practices and governance models based on all the above are being formulated and shared


The Promise of Digital Transformation

Digital technologies promise a future of efficiency, compliance, and innovation. Yet, the journey toward digital transformation can be difficult. As organizations begin to develop their digital transformation goals, it can quickly become apparent that a trusted partner is necessary to ensure the success of such a strategically important effort.

NNIT is the trusted partner to numerous medical device and diagnostics companies. Our team brings the business, technology, and organizational change management experience that is needed to ensure sustained efficiency, innovation, and compliance.

Development and Commercialization Challenges

Medical technology companies are increasingly facing regulatory scrutiny from health authorities around the world. From bench to bedside, reliable data must be captured, managed, stored, and analyzed to support new products in new markets. Processes must be documented, systems must be validated, and staff must be adequately trained to do their jobs.

We help teams address:

  • Optimization of Nonclinical lab processes with enabling technologies and practices
  • Complex clinical data lifecycles that require a data quality infrastructure and strong data governance models
  • Best practices and technologies that help teams leverage Regulatory data across the enterprise
  • Development of quality management systems that ensure compliance and data integrity
  • Ongoing technical and business support once new technologies are implemented


We understand how to operate in a highly regulated industry. We have over 20 years of experience as an IT service provider supporting pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic companies.

Our Experience is Your Advantage

NNIT Advisory Services have a proven track record of successful IT initiatives and implementations that have brought improved compliance, efficiency, and opportunities for innovation for companies in numerous sectors.

If your medical technology team is evaluating the next step in your digital transformation, NNIT can help you assess the options, design a thoughtful approach, and implement the cutting-edge technologies needed to enhance your organization’s capabilities.

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