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Excellis Health Solutions | An NNIT Group Company

Leading supply chain consultancy in Life Sciences

Create maximum value across your supply chain with end-to-end consulting services from leading subject matter experts.

Streamline your value chain to empower those who change lives

Life Sciences supply chain projects are often initiated for compliance reasons. But by optimizing existing technologies and workflows, a supply chain project can become truly transformational for your operations and deliver sustained business value.

Excellis Health Solutions deliver cost-effective and scalable supply chain solutions. Whether you are launching your first product, commercializing a new one, serializing your product portfolio, or implementing a new system or process, we can help.

With Excellis Health Solutions, you can create maximum value across your supply chain – so your staff, partners, and customers can empower those who change lives.


The Excellis Health Solutions advantages:

  • Leading subject matter experts capable of implementing the exact right solutions for your organization.
  • End-to-end solutions that drive value at every stage of your supply chain, ensure compliance, and move you toward operational excellence.
  • Proprietary methodology for serialization, validation, QMS, ERP, warehousing, and process optimization projects.

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