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A standardized approach to accelerate Veeva Vault implementations

Veeva Core is a packaged framework designed to accelerate the planning, implementation and validation of Veeva Vault.

Thanks to standardization and best practices, NNIT can have your Veeva Vault solution in operation in a matter of weeks.

Getting started with Veeva’s platform can seem overwhelming, given the size and complexity of the task. What is the best way to plan and manage the process? What data do we need to migrate and how? How do we select the right configurations and ensure that everything is validated? How much time will our subject matter experts have to devote to a lengthy implementation process?

Fortunately, getting started with Veeva Vault can be done swiftly, enabling your business to begin using a fully validated platform in a matter of weeks.

Save time with templates and best-practices

This rapid pace is possible because NNIT has developed the Veeva Core implementation framework, which uses prefilled templates and best-practices to enable accelerated planning and implementation. This lets you tap into NNIT’s vast Veeva expertise at a fraction of the cost and complexity of a large-scale Vault implementation.

Veeva Core is ideal for organizations with modest internal resources, where the need for complex customization is minimal.

Cover all bases from start to finish

Veeva Core provides a clearly defined process, which ensures that the entire implementation process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Through a catalog of specific services and deliveries, you can select the areas where you want NNIT’s assistance to get you safely from start to finish.

For each phase, Veeva Core contains all the necessary tools and practices, such as proven methods for change management and a wide selection of test cases for test and validation.

What do you get with Veeva Core?

Veeva Core is organized into seven distinct services, each tailored to a specific purpose. You can combine them to match the needs of your organization or let NNIT assume full responsibility for the entire Vault implementation project.

The Veeva Core services cover:

  • Project Management: Let NNIT assist with project management or have us handle everything on behalf of both business and IT. Veeva always assumes responsibility for the Vault configuration itself.
  • Configuration Sprint Management: NNIT helps you prepare for configuration sprints, participate in configuration workshops and meetings, and facilitate necessary follow-up activities.
  • Validation: NNIT conducts the necessary validation of the implemented Vaults using a full set of prefilled templates.
  • Migration: Ensure that all relevant data and documents are migrated. NNIT helps you scope, plan, and perform the migration from selected source systems, including necessary validation activities.
  • Integration: Get internal integrations under control. NNIT identifies and specifies your integration needs, and implements the integrations, including necessary validation.
  • Organizational Change Management: Prepare your organization and be ready for the Vaults to become operational, including communication strategy & plan, training strategy & plan, role descriptions and more.
  • Process Descriptions: NNIT scopes and guides Vault implementation using a complete portfolio of standard process descriptions that can be used to structure end-to-end process tests and to prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


Want to jumpstart your use of Veeva Vault? We’re ready to help!
Do you want to get started with your Veeva Vault implementation project using best-practices and prefilled templates and avoid overly complex planning? Then Veeva Core is the right choice for your organization.

With Veeva Core, you will take the shortest route possible to a fully implemented Veeva Vault platform that is validated and ready for use. And everyone in your organization will be fully trained and ready to get to work.

Get in touch today and begin your fast-track implementation of Veeva Vault.