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Realize the full benefit of your Veeva Vault investment

For small and medium-sized pharma companies, realizing the full benefits of a Veeva Vault investment does not end with successful implementation.

NNIT Veeva Core provides a tailored solution for organizations looking to implement the Veeva Vault suites, as well as ongoing support for end-to-end business process optimization and continuous compliance through every new system release.

While investing in Veeva Vault in itself can be a huge endeavor for many small and medium-sized pharma companies, a strong focus on successful go-live is not enough. In the long run, many companies fail to achieve the full benefits – including those made possible by the speed of innovation, reduced complexity, and increased business agility – from multi-tenant Cloud-based solutions such as Veeva Vault.

The reason? Too often inadequate release management processes and implementation barriers stand in the way. Let's have a look at some of the predominant pain points.

Veeva Vault implementation challenges for SMBs:

With three system releases per year, small to medium-sized businesses struggle to master the necessary resources and experience to efficiently manage their R&D applications, increasing risk of non-compliance.

For many organizations it is a challenge to keep up with the pace of innovation on a Cloud-based platform like Veeva Vault. Without the proactivity to assess new features and functions as they become available, companies miss out on long-term process improvements and efficiencies.

Veeva Vault is often a business-driven investment for SMBs, but successful operation requires a strong link to IT. Often, the responsibility for maintenance lies in the hands of small IT teams that lack resources, experience and necessary business insights.

Vault can mean a significant investment for many SMB organizations. While the cost of the technology itself is taken into account, the necessary resources and budget for ongoing application support is often forgotten.

For many, best-case scenario means missing out on potential long-term process improvements after go-live. At worst, these challenges put companies at risk of non-compliance.

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Maximize your Veeva Vault investment with NNIT Veeva Core

NNIT Veeva Core is a fit-for-purpose solution tailored to small and medium-sized pharma companies. Its point of departure lies in NNIT's extensive knowledge of the specific requirements and demands put on pharma companies and how to meet them.

The benefits are:

Tailored and complementary to Veeva's implementation approach, NNIT Veeva Core provides a full-package service offering which allows organizations to accelerate the go-live timeline. This means you invest the minimum of effort in implementation, freeing up internal resources to focus on core value-adding activities.

NNIT Veeva Core removes the majority of the release management burden by providing the necessary risk assessment, testing and test script with focus on Vault applications and integrations. This ensures that companies stay complaint through every system release.

NNIT Veeva Core helps organizations stay ahead of the curve by managing their feature back-logs and providing guidance on the optimization of business processes within each business for Vault R&D Development Cloud. This allows organizations to optimize their investment while realizing future benefits.

Seamlessly integrated with Veeva Vault-managed services, NNIT provides a single point of contact for NNIT Veeva Core users with continuous technical and functional support that ensures constant quality and up-time without the need for an expansive internal IT organization.

Our NNIT Veeva Core essential components are:

  • Standardized Vault integrations for ease of access and central user management
  • Seamless migration of legacy content to ensure availability of essential content and data at go-live
  • Standard validation package and automated testing
  • Standard operating procedure package including all required SOPs for Vault administration and release management as well as core business work instructions


What's next?

NNIT has a profound understanding of Veeva Vault, your business processes, and your legacy systems. This makes NNIT an ideal partner to support your organization in realizing the full potential of the Veeva platform.