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White paper: Taking the Migraine out of Migrations

It never goes as planned. 

Conducting data migrations, system consolidations, or any combination of the coming together or splitting apart of systems is viewed by many as a necessary evil, with little benefit, certainly little sizzle, and something they’d rather someone else handle. It’s hard work, seldom goes exactly as planned, and often doesn’t get the same credit as other “new” programs.

Consider the following: during a typical migration, the team analyzes the current environment, defines how to transform the source data to fit the destination system, configures or customizes the migration application, and then begins to execute tests. At this point, approximately 50% of the migration budget is expended, and the team is taking its first detailed look at the testing results. The migration team often stumbles with inadequate testing and an iterative “hit or miss” testing process.

Experience has demonstrated that there is a better way, and when combined with a purpose-built migration pathway, predictable outcomes are now much more the norm.

This white paper provides insights and recommendations for successfully navigating the migration process. Start the planning process early. Starting with the end date and working backward seldom works as planned.

The white paper will cover:

  • Migration Scoping
  • Data Quality
  • Skilled Team
  • Migration Testing Strategy
  • Migration Software Application

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