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Excellis Health Solutions - An NNIT Group Company

Drive value at every stage of your life sciences supply chain with Excellis

Patient-centricity in the life sciences industry drives pharmaceutical supply chain digitization efforts to provide full visibility. This requires a supply chain platform that allows multiple partners to connect to one common platform instead of connecting individual ERP systems.

With NNIT’s acquisition of Excellis, a leading specialized global provider in end-to-end supply chain consulting services to the life sciences industry, based in the US, NNIT is adding supply chain management advisory services to the growing portfolio of IT solutions for the life sciences industry.

This means that NNIT can now provide end-to-end life sciences IT services that supports our customers’ journey in optimizing their supply chains. Excellis is also the primary global reselling and implementation partner of TraceLink, a market leading supply chain management platform for the pharmaceutical industry and its eco-system, which also adds implementation and integration of TraceLink systems to NNIT's portfolio of life sciences solutions.