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Batch Release: A case of how quality teams can benefit from end-to-end process digitalization

Discover how the Batch Release Tracker transformed a time-consuming manual process into an efficient digital solution. this platform reduces manual work, fosters collaboration, and drives timely batch releases.


  • Introduction: Discussing a common use case – the Batch Release Process and the challenges business faces in this area.
  • Deep Dive in the Batch Release Solution - GMP vs non-GMP.
  • Batch Release Solution: how the solution can enhance the efficiency of your quality teams in managing Batch Release Processes and the steps required in its development. 
  • Demo: Live demonstration showcasing the Batch Release Tracker's features and benefits.
  • Overview of the Solution and Technologies behind the Batch Release Dashboard.
  • Q&A: an interactive session where you can ask questions directly to the speakers


Key takeaways:

  • Discovering the Transformation of the Batch Release Process: Learn about the journey of converting the manual process into an efficient approach.
  • The Simplicity Behind the Innovative Solution: Explore the use of straightforward methods that led to the development of a cutting-edge solution.
  • Application to Your Processes: Understand how this concept can be adapted and implemented in your own business processes for improved efficiency and productivity.



  • Bhisham Singh, Managing Advisory Consultant, NNIT
  • Milen Aleksiev, Senior Data Consultant, NNIT


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