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Pharma MES Berlin

24 - 26 September, 2023

Pharma MES serves as the hub for knowledge exchange within the pharmaceutical, biotech, and life science sectors, focusing on the development, utilization, and trend tracking of manufacturing execution systems. 

Brining together over 200 MES experts, the Pharma MES conference is a premier gathering that unites thought leaders, experts, and professionals in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. 

The Pharma MES offers you and us an innovative approach and numerous interactive sessions for practical inspiration and solutions to current challenges in the pharmaceuticals, biotech and life science industries. 

Come Join us for an exciting experience as we lead, share ideas, and encourage interactive conversations.

NNIT's  conference topics:

We guide you on your Journey to Manufacturing Excellence in a Digital Pharma Factory of the Future

Conference Chairing:

With their dynamic expertise, Carsten Pedersen Advisory Director at NNIT and David Narings Senior Key Account Manager at NNIT, will lead the conference. They will guide discussions, share valuable insights, and foster interactive exchange throughout the event. 


NNIT´s Mixed Reality Journey: Bridging the Physical and Virtual world through AI and Holographic devices

  • Discover how AI and Mixed Reality interact using Microsoft low-code PowerPlatform in a regulated environment
  • Redesigning the future business processes with AI and real-time holographic assistance
  • Learn how Mixed Reality is making an impact with NNITs key Life Sciences customers through existing use case.


Presenter: Sam Laermans Global Lead, NNIT

Challenge your peers: 

Unlocking the potential and exploring the best practices of MES - Level 4 Integration (SAP S4 / EWM) 


Yvonne Mullins Principle Advisory Consultant, NNIT

Yasmine Peters Direct Global Training & Upskilling Partner Ambassador, NNIT 

Make sure to drop by NNIT booth #3 to meet experts and explore a variety of MES- related subjects. We will be engaging in insightful discussions and sharing valuable insights. We look forward to meeting you there! 

Date and time

 24 - 26  of September 2023


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