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DIA 2023 Global Annual Meeting

25 - 29 June | Boston, US

DIA Global Annual Meeting 2023

About the conference

The Drug Information Association (DIA) brings together professionals from the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and regulatory sectors. 

DIA facilitates networking and collaboration, enabling professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, regulatory requirements, and best practices in the field. DIA also actively engages with regulatory authorities, industry stakeholders, and patient communities to promote a holistic and inclusive approach to healthcare product development and regulation.

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We are pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming DIA Global conference, taking place in Boston on the 25-.29 of June 2023 This conference serves as a platform for industry leaders and professionals to discuss and exchange insights on various topics related to healthcare, innovation, and compliance. We are excited to have three esteemed speakers representing NNIT, who will share their expertise in their respective sessions:

Dane Stout, NNIT Head of Digital Transformation: Session #129:  Innovative Digital Health Technologies: Strategies for Successful Integrations, Quality, and Compliance

Date and Time: Monday, June 26th at 1:30 PM

Dane Stout will provide valuable insights into the strategies and best practices for integrating innovative digital health technologies successfully. He will also address the crucial aspects of ensuring quality and compliance in this rapidly evolving landscape.


Brooke Casselberry, NNIT US R&D: Session #271 - IDMP Standards: Structured Submissions, and Data Harmonization Methods: How will your company be impacted?

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 27th at 4:00 PM

Brooke Casselberry will discuss the significant impact of IDMP standards on companies within the healthcare industry. Her session will focus on structured submissions and data harmonization methods, shedding light on how organizations can navigate these changes effectively.


Nick Rattenni, NNIT Advisory: Session #270 - SMART-on-FHIR: Integrating Health Records as Real-World Data (Chair)

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 27th at 4:00 PM

Nick Rattenni will be chairing the session, which examines the integration of health records as real-world data using the SMART-on-FHIR platform. This session aims to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with leveraging health records for real-world evidence and insights.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth #621