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Senior Consultant in Life Sciences in NNIT

Meet Slobodan Vučinić

Could you introduce yourself and your position in NNIT? 
My name is Slobodan Vučinić. I am from Belgrade, Serbia. I am a pharmacist by education, and I have over four years of experience in the Pharmacovigilance (PV) domain of Life Sciences. I am currently working as a Senior Consultant in NNIT Czech Republic. 

My prior experience: I started with the grassroots experience base of Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR) processing. I applied and honed my Master's Degree (MPharm) knowledge of drug safety from the first principles with pertinent regulatory guidelines (ICH, FDA, EMA) and business practices. Then I continued to evolve my understanding of GxP (GMP, GVP, GDocP) standards in my work as a PV Database Administrator (ARISg/LSSMV), gaining further technical expertise on how computerized safety systems operate and are validated in the pharmaceutical industry. 

What motivated you to join NNIT? 
NNIT seemed like a good place to enhance my professional development by acquiring more diverse skills. I am a PV safety guy primarily, but understanding the IT aspects, specifically with integration and system implementation, seems like a good idea. It expands my career portfolio through interacting with different clients and working on different projects. This would provide me with a more holistic understanding of the Life Sciences industry and a greater flexibility and independence in this space. Overall, it seems like a very good choice for my next career.  

In addition to that, NNIT offered me relocation to an exciting new place (Prague, Czech Republic) which was, in itself, an enticing proposition.  

How do you feel about relocating from Belgrade to Prague? 
Prague is a great place to live. I am Slavic - so not many cultural shocks. Everyone here speaks English, and I am fluent in English myself. Prague is a very metropolitan city, making it easy to integrate and adapt. The company also offers help every step of the way, so it has been a seamless transition for me. 

What do you think differentiates NNIT from other IT companies? 
Thanks to NNIT's history with Novo Nordisk, NNIT has the benefit of having ample experience in the pharmacovigilance domain of Life Sciences. Therefore, they offer solutions based on industry best practices that are compliant with regulatory standards. This makes it more attractive to pharmaceutical companies as clients. 

What is the best thing about your job? 
I like the freedom to choose my options for further career advancement and work on different projects. I have already had an interesting training for a new safety system, Veeva Safety Vault. It is good to know that I always have options to branch off in different directions and work on new things.

I also like the healthy and supportive company culture and mindset. I have good relationships with my managers and colleagues. I think it is greatly bolstered by the strategy of embracing a multicultural work environment.  

Which exciting projects are you working on right now? 
I am working primarily as a Validation Lead on a large international project to implement Veeva Safety Vault (VSV). The project's scope is great. It includes new release implementation testing and validation activities - including the handling of adverse events, user requirements, workflows, and relevant documentation.

This is a great opportunity for professional growth, as I am engaging with various workstreams and thereby gaining a deeper understanding of the overarching system structure and the importance of each component in PV safety. 

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