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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform Specialist

Meet Johannes Riis

What do you do in NNIT and how long have you worked here?

I have been in NNIT for almost three years, and I work as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform Specialist. I engage with our customers to advise and help them take the right decisions when they want to accelerate and succeed the digital journey in their organization. Lately, I was promoted to manager and have the daily responsibility for hiring new people, but also keep up to date on my colleagues in our team to make sure that they balance everything from work, personal development, and of course, the life outside of working hours.

How would you describe NNIT as a workplace?

NNIT is truly a People First-place. I started out in NNIT right when Covid-19 hit, which made it impossible to physically be in the office. This meant that a lot of my first touch points with colleagues and people across the organization was through Teams. Normally I interact through face-to-face workshops to get the right involvement and alignment, but I quickly got the sense that it was important for NNIT to succeed remotely, across offices, time zones, and different domestic situations. I do not think this would have been possible if the culture in NNIT was not already open and welcoming, both in person and online.

What do you enjoy about working in NNIT?

NNIT is a great place to work where every day is different. We work with some of the largest life science companies in the world and seeing how we can help them develop their digital journey is very satisfying. Working in NNIT, I often see a lot of opportunities popping up that can get you involved in many new technologies and projects. When I started three years ago, I was not expecting that I would be working with the Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality aspect on the Power Platform, but that is now a reality for me.

Any advice for anyone looking for a career in NNIT?

There are a lot of possibilities in NNIT, and our interviews often focus on – besides the more SME (subject matter expert, ed.) part of the job description – making sure that we are shaping a new role together. This also means that being open and honest about what you would like to do in NNIT is important for us and the dialogue, so we can grow and build a career path together.